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Female S925 silver necklace chain yinlianyin decorated boxes of snakes bones clavicle chain chain chain chain silver piece of melon seeds distribution chain gift

Product code: -2693100030
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Sold quantity 3097
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Product parameters:

  • Chain material: Silver
  • Metal material: 925 Silver
  • Brand: KTWO
  • Color category: Snake 40cm snake bone bone chains chain 45cm chain 40cm gold chain 40cm chain 45cm chains 40cm sunflower 40cm sunflower 45cm seeds sky 40cm sky 45cm twisted corrugated seeds chains 40cm chains 45cm angular twist twisted chains 45cm chains 40cm angle twisted chains 45cm silver piece of melon seeds corrugated chains 45cm chains 40cm chains 45cm chains 40cm box box seed chain 45 cm
  • Style: sweet
  • Inlay material: not set
  • Fall: no
  • Multilayer: no
  • Applying gender: female
  • Spot: spot
  • Condition: brand new
  • Item no: y10019
  • Price range: 101-200