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SD Card Programming Symphony LED flexible light strip controller | full color LED strip light controller manufacturers wholesale

SD Card Programming Symphony LED flexible light strip controller | full color LED strip light controller manufacturers wholesale
  • SD Card Programming Symphony LED flexible light strip controller | full color LED strip light controller manufacturers wholesale
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Custom processing Yes Material plastic Brands Shang Ming -shinmi
model T-1000S

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A, T-1000S System Features

1,32 level -65536 level grayscale control, software Gamma correction.

2, support a variety of point, line, surface light source, supports a variety of rules, shaped handle.

3, a single port controller output, with 2048 lights.

4, a plurality of cascade control to synchronize offline, play content stored in the SD card.

5, T-1000S store up to 16 files, multiple files sequentially copied to the SD card.

6, stored in the SD card effect should then be named: 00_1.led, 01_1.led, 02_1.led.

7, when the IC is compatible with single-lane, single-wire connection IC lamps, no need CLK clock line.

Note: When 1 T-1000S ports with load 512 lights, the playback speed of up to 30 frames / sec ports with load exceeding 512/1024 lights, with the frame rate

Increase the number of lights automatically reduced.

2. Control the frame rate of up to 32 gray IC, single port control less than 1024 when a frame rate up to 30 frames / sec. 256 gray control IC single port control less than 512 pixels at 30 frames / second.

T-1000S LedEdit2012 use must be equipped with the old version of the software does not support the version of the 2012 controller.

Second, support chips:

Support chips

LedEdit software corresponding model

Single load of lights


LPD6803, D705,1101,6909, 6912


2048 pixels

LPD8806, LPD8809


2048 pixels

TM1803, TM1804, TM1809, TM1812


2048 pixels

TM1804 and TM1809 have high and low points

TM1903, TM1904, TM1909, TM1912


2048 pixels

UCS6909, UCS6912, UCS7009, UCS5903


2048 pixels

UCS1903, UCS1909, UCS1912


2048 pixels

There are high and low points



2048 pixels



170/512 pixels

Compatible with standard DMX512 protocol

WS2801, WS2803


2048 pixels



2048 pixels

There are high and low points



2048 pixels

TLS3001, TLS3002, TLS3008


* Pixels



2048 pixels



2048 pixels

There are high and low points



2048 pixels

BS0901, BS0902


2048 pixels



2048 pixels

Third, the appearance of the picture:

Fourth, the silk screen meanings:

Key definition:



Save SET

Save Settings (If you press the SET button, the current settings file and the playback speed is saved after the next boot still Click to play).


Switching file

Speed ​​SPEED +


Press the SPEED + and SPEED-, then enter the file repeat mode

Speed ​​SPEED-

Slow down


+ 5V power input


Controller Power negative input


+ 7.5-24V power input

Power lamp POWER

Power Indicator

Error lights ERROR

Error indicator


SD card slot

TTL signal (signal 245): the differential signal (485):


Clock line


A signal


Data cable


Signal B





Note: TTL output signal for the controller must be carried out for the land and fixtures (that is, the ground controller output and lamp

With ground connected together), the use of differential signal transmission, this end of the lamp must be connected to a differential receiver.

V. wiring

1. T-1000S controller may use multiple cascade;

2. T-1000S is a single output port, with up to 1024/2048 points pixels;

3. When the control IC single line simply controllers DAT and DAT and GND and lamps connected to GND corresponds When the control wire to the controller IC for an DAT.CLK and GND and lamps DAT, CLK and GND should be connected to the relative.

4. When using a differential signal (485), the controller output signals A and B are connected to the corresponding signal line and lamps A (DAT +) and the signal line B (DAT-).

5. When the controller required voltage and lights as required voltage controller and the lamps can be directly connected to the same power above. When the controller and the lamp voltage is not required at the same time, the lamp and the controller can be used independently, each power supply.

6. New in effect when editing software program, select Control Model: T-1000-IC models


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