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LED lights with controller | 24-seven lights controller 12V RGB controller

LED lights with controller | 24-seven lights controller 12V RGB controller
  • LED lights with controller | 24-seven lights controller 12V RGB controller
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Customized processing Whether Material Plastic Brand Shang ming,-shinmi
Model 24K

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24-key infrared controller using advanced computer control chip to control all kinds of LED lamps for the light source, for example: point light, soft light, wall lights, curtain lights; low price, easy to wire, using simple advantages via infrared remote control brightness, select static colors and variations of dynamic lighting effects. DC line is not included in the price

Technical parameters:

• Working temperature:-20-60

• Supply voltage: DC5V, 9V 12-24V optional (order desired voltages)

• Output: 3 circuit

• Connection: anode

• Outside dimensions: L63 x W35 x H29 mm

• Packaging dimensions: L93 x W65 x H40mm

• Net weight: 50g

• Gross weight: 70g

• Static power (1W

• Output current: (2A (per circuit)

• Output power: 5V (30W, 9V (54W, 12V (72W, 24V (144W

24-key controller:
24-key infrared remote control with memory function, press the key and press the remote control functions are as follows:
+ Brightness (10 levels) brightness (10 levels) closed open
Orange light green dark blue colors jumping
Deep yellow-green and Brown became clear dark
Yellow light blue pink colorful gradient
Pale yellow, light blue and purple tri-color jump

Luminance l (total 16)

Brightness down (total 16)

Close the load output

Open the load output

Static Red

Static Green

Static blue

Static white

Static Orange

Static light green

Static blue

Colorful jump

Static deep yellow

Static blue


Overall it became clear dark

Static yellow

Static blue

Static pink

Colorful gradient

Static light yellow

Static light blue

Static purple

Red, green, and blue colors jumping

24-key controller instructions for use:

1, the lights plugged into the controller output socket, ensure the light bar (module) on the public side (anode V+ or Yam V-) corresponds to the common Terminal and controller wiring,

2, DV12 insert controller DC, use the remote control as needed

3, when the controller is installed to install a remote control receiver in a location with no obstructions to avoid remote control failure

Note: users in the use of ' colorful jumping ', ' Dim ', ' colorful Ming three color gradient ', ' jump ' four feature, users can ' +','-' two brightness brightness button blinking speed.

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Shang ming, photoelectric-shinmi Description:
(1), 3528,5050 series bare Board, soft rubber waterproof, waterproof casing, casing waterproof epoxy low pressure 12vLED flexible led Strip (cool white, warm white, cool white, yellow, green, blue, red, purple, etc);

(2) 3528,5050 RGB series, race, running water, scan, full colour, magic LED flexible led Strip

(3), 220V high voltage 3528,5050 series LED light bar;
(4) LED flexible light strip (RGB, Happy Valley, running water, scan, full colour, iridescence) controllers;

(5) power supply for LED light strip

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Shenzhen Shang Mingguang limited (www.ledrdt.com 0755-33291948 15818578585 QQ:2602165622) is a research and development, production and sales of LED light bar, LED flexible led Strip, led Strip, led Strip, LED light bar, LED light bar and matching power supply, controller and other products of professional high-tech company. companies ' customers first, forge ahead ' business philosophy, adhere to the ' customer first ' Principles of providing our customers with quality service. welcome!

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