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LED full color controller - with more than 100 built-SD- pattern -SPI-DMX512- Synchronous Controller

LED full color controller - with more than 100 built-SD- pattern -SPI-DMX512- Synchronous Controller
  • LED full color controller - with more than 100 built-SD- pattern -SPI-DMX512- Synchronous Controller
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I. Overview:

1, the control can be equipped with mini SD.

2, boot press (ON / OFF) button will appear SD00 or SD01, then press (UP) can be converted SD00 with representatives SD01.SD00 internal call pattern, SD01 SD representatives call the pattern .RJ-FSD-1000 can be send to DMX512 and TTL signals.

3, using standard DMX512 choose built-in patterns and speed.

4, more than one, the synchronization signal recommends no more than 50 meters, measured 100 meters.

5, the maximum drive 2048 pixels. The maximum refresh rate of 30 frame rate ((512 pixels).

6, the maximum distance between the controller and the lamp for the TTL (15 m; 485 (30 meters .TTL simultaneously and then about 10.

7, the pressure test port signal DC30V safe to pass.

Power supply



L122 * W 73 * H25





Second, support for IC:

Support IC

Specific models


TM1809, TM1812, TM1914


UCS2903, UCS2909, UCS2912 UCS1903, UCS1909, UCS1912


WS2801, WS2812 WS2811




LDP6803, LDP8806, LDP1109





Other models, please contact our advice.

Third, the priority controller read SD card, SD card operation when no built-in patterns.

SD card status can be selected through the key tricks and speed, which (on / off) button does not operate when no other card, as detailed below.

Fourth, wiring

TTL: single-wire and two-wire signal interface.

485: Option Model DMX512 DMX512 signal sending, transmitting differential signals when other models; receiving plate 485 can be used with the signal transmission farther.

V. Instructions

l election IC Type:

First press (ON / Off) key to enter programming mode display OFF

Then press (Mode / Speed) Select

Selected models and then take (On / off) to exit.

l set up control points

First press (ON / Off) key to enter programming mode display OFF

(UP) and (DOWN) set point. Contact (On / off) to exit.

l set pattern, speed, and DMX address

Under normal conditions, that is not in the OFF state.

Press (mode / off) key to cycle through the following numbers P S A beginning.

P represents a pattern

S stands for speed

A representative of DMX512 address, note DMX address is useful only when the DMX512 decoding and control built-in patterns with a standard DMX512 console.

Increases and decreases with the UP and DOWN keys.


1 Please note that when you install the rain, the normal operating voltage recommended as DC12-24V.

2, the network line through to docking.

3, DC5V only take DC5, please contact DC5-24V under normal conditions.


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