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WIFI led controller | triple colorful WIFI led controller RGB controller

WIFI led controller | triple colorful WIFI led controller RGB controller
  • WIFI led controller | triple colorful WIFI led controller RGB controller
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model wifi

Before installing this product, please read this manual carefully to ensure full understanding of the specification in order to avoid unnecessary damage and additional costs.

Product Introduction

WIFI-MINI LED controller is following the traditional controller with LED based on the wireless, integrated with the latest WIFI technology market intelligent wireless controller combined with WIFI technology allows LED control is more advanced, intelligent and convenient, by smartphone or tablet, equipped with Android or Apple systems, install the appropriate control software can control the LED lighting change effect .WIFI controller set RGB, color temperature adjustment, dimming three functions, users simply operating software the switch interface to achieve the corresponding control; suitable for controlling various constant LED lamps, such as: RGB LED lights, LED modules, LED string lights, etc; and can be extended with the company's power amplifier to achieve a more simultaneous changes in multiple LED lights, in theory, you can connect an unlimited number of amplifiers.

Technical Parameters

First, the controller technology parameters:

Operating temperature


Supply voltage

DC12 ~ 24V

Static power



Common anode

WIFI brightness profile


WIFI speed stage


net weight





84mm * 45mm * 22mm

Package Size

97MM * 83MM * 30MM


3 channels

Output current

≤4A (per circuit)

WIFI reception frequency


Output gradation


Receiver sensitivity

802.11b: DSSS (-5dBm) 802.11b: CCK (-10dBm) 802.11g: OFDM (-15dBm)

Output Power

12V: ≤144W 24V:≤288W

Second, the software technology parameters:


FreeColor V1.0

Operating platform

Android / IOS device must have a WiFi function


Android (661KB) IOS (1.4MB)






1, the product of the constant pressure controller, power supply voltage standard products 12-24V wide voltage is in this range of power supply can be common;

2, the output for the three loops, each allowed maximum current 4A, the band 12V30 lamp / light meter with 20 meters, 12V60 lamp / light meter with 10 m;

3, support for Android or Apple mobile device WIFI control, also supports wireless RF touch remote control, more flexible, efficient and intelligent.

4, RGB Mode, adjust the color temperature, dimming triple Andrews or Apple's software applications for mobile devices, a machine can apply different lighting situations.

5, with power and memory function, each power mode will retain the last change of power failure;

Instructions for use

A, FreeColor V1.0 software installation and setup instructions SSID

1, the software division Android version and IOS version, depending on your phone system to choose to install the appropriate version.

The following were introduced ios android version and the version to install and use:

Android version installed as follows: Open the CD-ROM, click Install FreeColor software until installation is complete.

ISO version is installed as follows: After entering the app store search FreeColor software, find the software is installed you can click on.

2, set the SSID number (if more than one WIFI near the controller, in order to avoid jamming each other, you can change the SSID number to another, up to 16)

The factory default SSID No. HX001, To change the SSID number, each independently controlled to achieve, you can use the phone with WIFI function to change settings, SSID number range HX001-HX016. Here's how to enter the page settings :

① The WIFI-LED Lighting controller is properly connected, and then power on;

② open the phone browser, enter, enter the pop-up interface, as

The initial default user name Username: admin; initial default password password: admin Click OK to enter the interface.

3 To change the login user name and password can be changed via the following interfaces:

After the new user name and password set up, click Apply to commit.

4. To change the SSID, the interface can be changed by the following:

Click Apply to submit good after reset.

5. To set the connection password can be changed via the following interfaces:

Two, FreeColor V1.0 software for use

1, WIFI-LED lighting controller is properly connected, and then power on;

2. Find the phone WIFI network called 'HX ---' (such as the HX001 or HX002), and connected to the network;

3, then open FreeColor V1.0 control software, access control interface, not connected when opening FreeColor V1.0 control software WIFI network or need to replace the SSID, you can enter the lower right corner of the 'software settings window' and click on 'WIFI Connectiom Setting 'Connecting network;

4, the network set up, enter the control interface software, which can be selected RGB or CT or DIM three kinds of interface, as shown:

Colorful / RGB color temperature application interface / CT application interface dimming / DIM application interface

Point into the lower right corner of the 'software settings window', select the appropriate type of control interface, as shown below:

5, in addition to the same function RGB Case :( two control interface)

1), RGB control interface


Key Names



DIY store key

Save your favorite custom changes in effect


power button

The controller can be switched on or off


Color display column

Display brightness L value and the percentage of the three RGB colors


RGB color wheel

Touch the color lamps also appeared to be the color of the light


Brightness adjustment slider

You can adjust the brightness of lights, a total of 100


Software interface window settings

You can enter to RGB, CT, DIM interface switching, and WIF connection settings


DIY read from the interface window

Readable from entering the changing effects of the DIY store to save


Dynamic mode interface window

Enter a variety of changes in effect jumper-selectable, gradients


RGB color wheel control interface window

Enter RGB seven color plate

2) Dynamic Mode Control Interface:

(1), MODE (Mode): Dynamic Changes mode selection;

(2), SPEED (speed): speed adjustment 1-100 total of 100 levels;

(3), EFFECT (effect): color effect options, each dynamic changes can select different color effects;

3), DIY store and read from the screen:

4 * 3 storage areas: If you need to store your favorite effect change, you can click the top left corner of the 'DIY store key' to save and name,

To effect change after using the stored, just click on the bottom of the interface 'DIY health began to read' Select the name of the model;

4), the software settings interface:

(1) System Settings (System Settings): wifi connection Setting (wifi connection settings);

(2) Product Attribures Settings (product property settings): Type Setting (type setting); Type Setting There are three types of choice

Third, the controller instructions

1 Interface Description

RESET button: open the shell, which has a key, long press for 5 seconds before WIFI data set will be cleared to return to the factory default.

3, the controller wiring

(1) RGB Colorful Wiring: connection CH3 → B, CH2 → G, CH1 → R, V + → COM;

(2) CT color temperature Wiring: connection G → WW, R → WC, V + → COM;

(3) DIM monochrome Wiring: connection R → V-, G → V-, B → V-, V + → V +;


1, the standard product supply voltage DC12V ~ 24V, can not be connected to other voltage;

2, before the power to ensure that no short circuit wiring is correct, if the lamp will not work, should be off to prevent short-circuiting the controller burned,

And check the line if there are problems;

3, LED lights Public pole, R, G, B of the outlet should be sorted product + RGB output corresponding connector;

4, light strips constant fixture series can not be too long, because the pressure drop lamp itself, will lead to decrease in brightness of the back light and signal weakened,

Then you need to be expanded with RGB signal amplifier series greater number of LED lamps;

5, the product can not be overloaded, and the total power LED lamps can not exceed the product can withstand the maximum power;

6, the product warranty period is one year, but does not include man-made damage, the situation after the purchase and transport damage and other damage caused by natural forces of various external factors.

common problem


Possible Causes


1, the lamp is not lit after power

Power cord is not connected or no output switching power supply

The power cord or replace the power

Lamp power cord is not connected or short circuit

Connect the power cord

2, after connecting some load controllers do not work

The connected load is too large, the controller burned out in some of the components

Replacement parts or replace the controller

3, FreeColor software does not open

WIFI phone may not be connected to the controller

If that happens, you need to check whether your phone on WIFI connected to the controller, if not on the connection, the connection can be lifted and re-open this issue, if not, it may be on the phone software compatibility is not well, NA me may need to install software to other phones using up

4, FreeColor software can not remote control LED lights

WIFI network is unstable or has been dropped

1. You can try to make your phone and the remote controller to shorten the distance of some 1.2. Reconnect

Before installing this product, Please read this manual carefully. Ensure full understanding of this specification to avoid unnecessary damage and additional costs.

This product warranty is 1 years (exclude the artificial situation of damaged or overload working)

Product Description

WIFI-MINI controller appeared with the installation of controlling software on mobile devices with Android or IOS system, such as android phone, iPhone, tablet PCs, they can remote control LED lighting products through WiFi, which makes LED control more intelligent and humanization. One WIFI-MINI controller can be used as dimmer, CT controller, and RGB controller, only need to select the right control interface in the software. in addition, this model has DIY function. Users can get any effect they want based on our controlling software . This model designed for constant voltage led products, such as led strip, led modules. for controlling more led products, amplifier is available.

Technical parameters

1. Controller

Working temperature


Working voltage

DC12 ~ 24V

Power consumption


Connect method

Common anode

WIFI brightness level


WIFI speed level






Case dimension

84mm * 45mm * 22mm

Box dimension

97MM * 83MM * 30MM


3 channels

Output current

≤4A (each channel)

WIFI frequency


Output gray scale


Receiving sensitivity

802.11b: DSSS (-5dBm) 802.11b: CCK (-10dBm) 802.11g: OFDM (-15dBm)

Output power

12V: ≤144W 24V: ≤288W

2. Software


FreeColor V1.0


Android 2.1 or above, IOS4.3 or above, with the wifi function


Android (661KB), IOS (1.4MB)






IOS: App Store-FreeColor; Android: Google Play-FreeColor


  1. 1. Support both wifi control of Apple products (iPod, iPad, iPhone), Android mobile devices like Samsung, HTC.
  2. 2. With the 3-in-1 (Dimming, CT, RGB) apple / android software. One device suit to different lighting application scene.
  3. 3. Memory function to save scenes anytime anywhere for next play.
  4. 4. WIFI-MINI is designed for constant voltage led products, working voltage auto fit to DC12-24V.
  5. 5. Wifi control based on 2.4GHZ frequency.

Using illustration

1. FreeColor V1.0 software installation and SSID (system settings ID) reset.

1.1 Software installation

l Android: the software copy in CD which packed in the box Open the CD and double-click the 'Freecolor.apk'to start the installation..

l IOS: the same as the other software from App Store download the 'Freecolor' from App store and install.

1.2 Resetting SSID

If more than one WIFI-V01 in close area, we can reset the SSID for the devices in order to avoid they jamming each other. The SSID are 16 in max.

The default SSID number for all devices is HX001, a device with WIFI function will be needed when resetting the SSID The SSID rang is:.. HX000-HX016 The steps are as follow:

① Making the WIFI-V01 properly connected, and then open the power;

② Opening the WIFI device browser, type in '', the interface will pop into as below:

The initial default Username: admin, password:. Admin And 'OK'.

③ Resetting the SSID in the page as below:

④ If necessary, setting the linking password for more security.

A. Select the 'Security Mode': WPA2-PSK.

After setting, click 'Apply' to finish.

⑤ If necessary, setting new 'Username' and password in the page as below:

After setting, click 'Apply' to finish.

2. FreeColor V1.0 software operating illustration

1) Making the WIFI-V01 and LED products in correct connection, and then turn on the power supply;

2) After step 1), open the WIFI setting interface on the device with WIFI function will find the WIFI which named 'HX ---', connect it.

3) Open the 'FreeColor' and start operation. There also have 'WIFI Connection Setting' page in the software.

4) 'FreeColor' is 3-in-1 (Dimmer, CT, RGB) software, the RGB scene is the default application interface Enter the 'System Setting' page to change the selection The interface as below..:

Click go to 'System Settings' page as below, and click 'OK' to finish the 'Type Setting':

RGB Interface CT Interface Dimming Interface

5) Using RGB interface as example (Dimming and CT are same)

① RGB control interface:





DIY mode saving key

After DIY, click this key to save. Saving the DIY mode in anytime



Turn on / off WIFI-V01


Color value

Display the R / G / B gray value, 'L': the current brightness level.


Color board

Select any static color mode from the board.


Brightness slip

Slip to adjust the current light brightness, 100 levels in total.


System setting

Click to system setting page, set the WIFI connection and select the application scene (Dimming, CT, RGB).


DIY memory function

Go to DIY modes select page. Display all of the DIY modes.


Dynamic modes

Go to select the dynamic modes.


Current application show

Display the current application scene.

② Dynamic modes control interface:

² MODE: select the different dynamic mode, such as flash, fade and etc;

² SPEED: select the speed level of the dynamic mode, 100 levels in total;

² EFFECT: select the different effect based on the different mode.

③ DIY modes manage interface:

This page displays all of the DIY modes which have been saved, up to 12 modes in total.

④ System Setting interface:

² System Settings: wifi connection Setting;

² Product Attributes Settings: Type Setting (RGB / CT / DIM).

3. Controller operation illustration

1), Connector illustration

RESET key: Open the shell, there is a button, press and hold at least 5 seconds, WIFI previously set data will be cleared to return to the factory default.

2) Controller connection

① RGB connection: CH3 → B, CH2 → G, CH1 → R, V + → COM;

② CT connection: G → WW, R → WC, V + → COM;

③ Dimming connection: R → V-, G → V-, B → V-, V + → V +;


1. Supply voltage of this product is DC12V ~ 24V, never connect to others or AC220V.

2. Lead wire should be connected correctly according to grade that connecting diagram offers. Miswires may destroy the controller and LED products.

3. Overloading may destroy the controller;

4. Warranty of this product is one year, but exclude the artificial situation of damaged or overload working.

Common Problems


Possible cause


  1. 1. Lamp does not light after power

Power cord is not properly connected, or there is not output switching power supply

Connect the power cord properly or replay the power

Lamp power cord is not connected or short circuit

Connected lighting power cord

2. The controller does not work after connecting the load.

The connected load is too large,so that has b urned in some of the components of the controller

Replace parts of components or replace the controller

3. FreeColor is unavailable

The connection between controller and WIFI device may unnormal.

Check the connection and try again. And make sure the compatibility between the software and the WIFI device.

4. WIFI device can not remote control the controller

WIFI is not stable or off line

Reconnection or short down the distance between controller and the WIFI device.