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220V 110v high voltage integrated controller | hyperbaric colorful | RGB lights with LED Controller

220V 110v high voltage integrated controller | hyperbaric colorful | RGB lights with LED Controller
  • 220V 110v high voltage integrated controller | hyperbaric colorful | RGB lights with LED Controller
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First, the technical parameters

• Operating voltage: AC220V (110V optional) (Note: The order must be marked with 110V)

• Working temperature: -20-80 ℃

• Output: 4 wire loop 3

• Connection: Common anode

• Shell Size: L100 * W50 * H35 mm

• Packing size: L148 * W65 * H85 mm

• Output Current: 3A MAX 2 A * 3CH

• Output Power: 600W

• Control of lights: 50 m 5050 colorful, colorful 80M 3528

• Remote mode: Infrared remote control

• Remote distance: 6-10 meters without obstacles

Second, the 20-key infrared remote control instructions

Brightness +


turn off















Slowly fades

Speed ​​+




Full Color

Gradual change


• static, 'brightness +' 'Brightness -' is used to adjust the brightness of static colors;

• Dynamic, the 'Speed ​​+' 'Speed ​​-' is used to adjust the rate of change, in order to facilitate debugging, is only minutes 'high speed' 'speed' 'low' three in speed;

• When using synchronous control, 220V line connected to the same main line, with a remote control to adjust the same pattern and the same speed, the same time all the controller is powered, the controller can be synchronized change;

• dynamic and static free to switch, and has a memory function to save the setting status before power down;

• automatic multi-mode control, three-color transitions, three-color slowly fades, strobe, colorful hopping, full-color gradient;

• You can lock monochrome (red, green, blue, white, orange, yellow, blue, purple).

Third, pay attention

• The power input is AC220V, output directly connected to the high voltage lights 220V, 220V connected to the same main line, at the same time energized;

• Wiring should strictly follow the instructions, black and yellow-blue four-wire output, where the yellow line is a common line, the red line is R, the black line is G, the blue line is B, and the remote control signal light or may not correspond or color does not sync;

• one year warranty, artificial damage or damage caused by improper use is not covered by the warranty;

• RGB lamp lights up with 5050-60 with 50 meters (measured according to achieve ideal control results, we recommend connecting 3528RGB colorful lights with 50 m or 30 m band 5050RGB all lights).

Shang Mingguang electric -shinmi Description:
1,3528,5050 series of bare boards, Epoxy waterproof 12vLED soft light (white, warm white, cool white, yellow, green, blue, red, pink, purple, etc.), (RGB, Happy Valley, Symphony) LED flexible light strip, (3014,5630,2835,335 side-emitting) LED soft light;

2,3528,5050 series 220v high voltage LED lights;

3,5050LED light bar, 5630LED light bar, 7020LED light bar;
4,3528 (monochrome, colored, RGB) LED meteor shower lights, 5050 (monochrome, RGB) LED meteor shower lights;

5,5vLED perforation word string lights, 220v LED color light string festive decorations;

6, LED flexible light strip (RGB, Happy Valley, running water, scanning, full-color, Symphony) controller, a signal amplifier

7,5050LED module, 5730LED module;

8, LED switching power supply, power adapter

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