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12v8 key RF RF RGB controller | lighting Dimmer 360w 30A

12v8 key RF RF RGB controller | lighting Dimmer 360w 30A
  • 12v8 key RF RF RGB controller | lighting Dimmer 360w 30A
Product code: 26926300001
Unit price: 58-60 CNY
Reference price: 8.43-8.72 USD
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Custom processing no Material PCB Brands Shang Ming
model 8 key

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product manual
RFT8 a controller for controlling a variety of led lamps as the light source, such as: point light, flexible light strip, wall washer lamp, glass curtain wall light, and other modules; a power failure, the indicator simultaneous display, etc., while having a low price , easy wiring, simple to use, etc; according to actual needs of customers can realize jump change, gradual change, strobe lights change effect.

Performance parameters
• Working temperature: -20-60 ℃
• Supply voltage: DC5V, 12V ~ 24V (optional)
• Output: 3 channels
• Connection: Common anode
• Controller size: L121 * W75 * H25mm
• Packing size: L135 * W80 * H55mm
• Weight: 228g
• Gross Weight: 261g
• Static power consumption: (1W
• Output Current: 4A / ch or 10A / ch (optional)
• Output Power: 4A 5V: (60W, 12V: (144W, 24V: (288W
10A 5V: (150W, 12V: (360W, 24V: (720W

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