12v switching power supply | LED Switching Power Supply | LED Non-Waterproof Power | LED rainproof power supply

12v switching power supply | LED Switching Power Supply | LED Non-Waterproof Power | LED rainproof power supply

Product description:

Brands Shang Mingguang electric -shinmi model 100w Types of LED power supply
Modulation Pulse width modulation (PWM) of formula Transistors are connected way Single-ended Input voltage 85-265(V)
Output Power 100(W) The output voltage 12V 24V 5V 15V (V) Working efficiency 70(%)
Output ripple and noise 200MV Output voltage accuracy 99(%)(%) Voltage Regulation +-5(%)
Load Regulation +-5(%) certified product CE Output current 1(A)

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100w Non-Waterproof LED Power Strip Product Manual

100w Non-Waterproof LED Strip Power detailed parameters:



Input voltage:


Input Frequency:


Input Current:


The output voltage:

DC12V +/- 10% adjustable

Output current:


Output Power:


Output power supply ripple:


The impact of current output:

Cold start time is less than 1S current 2A

Leakage current:

Less than 5MA / 3800VAC

Overvoltage protection:

30V DC

High temperature protection:

85 degrees

Working temperature:

Minus 5 degrees --45 degrees

Start, rise time:

800MS 50MS

Overload protection:


Type of protection:

Current Limit

Protection reset:


Shock resistance:


Between input and output: 1.5KVAC Output and enclosure: 1.5KV

Insulation resistance:

Input and output, input and GF, output and GF: 1M Europe

safety standard:

UL1012 TUV Press (IEC, UL1950) CE certification standards

Protection class:


Storage temperature and humidity:

-20 ℃ - + 85 ℃, 10% -95RH

Installation requires a dedicated 12V lights with transformers. In order to ensure safe and durable, we recommend that customers choose stainless steel shell square power, compared to other simple power supply, the technology is mature, heat resistance, higher stability.

12V lights with dedicated power marked L N (AC)The two ports correspond to the 220V mains lead, mains wires respectively connected to these two ports can be marked with +Vand -VInterface is connected respectively to the positive and negative lights have a corresponding positive and negative signs lights above, make sure that no reversed.

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