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Supply 2835 slim light box light bar 2835LED light bar

Supply 2835 slim light box light bar 2835LED light bar
  • Supply 2835 slim light box light bar 2835LED light bar
Product code: 26921700001
Unit price: 19-20 CNY
Reference price: 2.77-2.91 USD
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Other info: Per piece
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Suggested retail price ¥22.00 Types of LED lights Brands shinmi
model 2835 Input voltage 12(V) LED chip brand An optical three
LED lamp beads Model 2835 LED lamp beads number of pieces 60 (pcs / m) Single lumen lamp beads 45 (lm)
Beam angle 120 (degrees) Circuit board material Aluminum plate Can I Dimmer no
Active life 20000(H) size 1000 (mm) weight 100(g)
Protection class IP33 Range of purposes Indoor and outdoor decoration advertising light boxes decorated Color Temperature 6000(K)
power 15 Light Color Warm White Lamp Specifications other

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Slim light box light bar

1, Model: SMD2835

2, size: L1000mm x W4mm x H1.6mm

3, the type of light source: SMD2835 highlight

4, voltage: DC12V

5, power consumption: 0.5 m 5.04W 1 Mi 10.08W

6, unit length (cleavable): 7CM

7, Color temperature: cool white (more than 13,000), white (6000 ~ 6500K), warm white (2700 ~ 3500K), other color temperature can be customized on request.

8, protection class: IP33

9 Viewing angle: 120 degrees

10 life: ≥20000 hours

This slim light box light bar, the use of ultra-thin material, widely used in LED slim light box, crystal light boxes and other outdoor signs, is your best choice!

Light bar features:

1, with bright SMD2835LED manufacturing production, high brightness, less heat.

2, LED light source for the cold, pure light color, exposure to fluorescent light guide plate, light boxes, jewelry and gold and silver jewelry, watches and other surfaces can play a very good display effect.

3, each LED light-emitting chips are 3 work independently, any one damage will not affect the normal use of other LED. 4, long life, the average life expectancy of about 500 million hours, maintenance-free.

5, easy installation, with the installation of environmental change to adjust light angle.

6, environmental protection, energy conservation and safety.


1, ultra-thin light box, crystal light box

2, jewelry, luxury watches and jewelry counter counter

3, shopping malls counters, cosmetics counters

4, glass counters, counter drugs

5, antiques and paintings lighting

6, counters and other exhibitions