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Full 6 box counter authentic Shino silk promise cotton pad 130 boxes of boxed | cotton remover

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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: SHINO / / Silk pressure bordered ...
  • Color Category: White
  • Beauty Tools Category: facial beauty make-up appliances
  • Beauty Tools Category: cotton pad
  • Beauty tools varieties: cotton
  • Brand: SHINO / / Snow
  • Makeup / beauty tools a single product: fine pressure cotton pad
  • Specifications Type: Normal Specification

'Product Name': Shinon Boxed Pressure-Padded Cotton 100 Packs Plus 30 pieces
'Product Specifications': 130 pieces
'Product origin': Ningbo, China
'Main Ingredients': 100% medical medicine cotton layer by layer combing.

Boxed cotton pad with double-layer technology is slightly thicker than transparent bags
The industry is also slightly better and more difficult to overflow permeable more suitable for remover use


In the cotton pad on the amount of makeup water, gently in the face from top to bottom flapping, so that the pores in the pores of the discharge, so that make-up water times full absorption of the skin, and then gently wipe.

Shelf life: always the freshest