RGB Epoxy waterproof 335 side emitting LED strip light, 335LED light strip lights with factory direct

RGB Epoxy waterproof 335 side emitting LED strip light, 335LED light strip lights with factory direct

Product description:

Custom processing Yes Brands Shang Ming -shinmi model 335
Power source 4.8(W) Voltage 12(V) Colour color
The main scope Indoor and outdoor decoration

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Features: Waterproof
Specifications: 5000mm x 8mm x2mm
Product source: 335SMD
Product Number of lamps: 120PCS / M
Color: White
Viewing angle: 120 degrees
Operating voltage: 12VDC
Working power: 24W every 5 meters
Current job: every 5 meters 6A
Working temperature: -20 ℃ - + 40 ℃
Job Specifications: 5m / roll
PCB Color: Yellow FPC / white FPC / FPC black
Life: 50000-80000 hours
Other colors: red, yellow, blue, green, white

1, every three LED to form a loop, may have 60 lights, 96 // 120 light one meter (according to customer requirements), it can be arbitrarily cut off along the tangent above, without damaging other parts.
2, the FPC board made the back with double-sided adhesive, can be bent, can be arbitrarily fixed in the concave and convex surfaces.
3, the size and number of pieces LED may require the production, small size, a variety of colors for customers to choose.
4, the use SMDLED the regular chips, high brightness, low lumen depreciation, color one to long life
5, for the path and contour signs, illuminated signs, surrounded by transparent or non-transparent materials, light, decoration.
6, the working voltage: DC voltage 12v

7, the standard length of each volume: 5m per roll, soft light of the PCB board width: 8mm