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5630LED light strip | LED light strip | LED light strip | LED light strip | LED light strip | 60 light / m

5630LED light strip | LED light strip | LED light strip | LED light strip | LED light strip | 60 light / m
  • 5630LED light strip | LED light strip | LED light strip | LED light strip | LED light strip | 60 light / m
Product code: 26915100001
Unit price: 19.7-20 CNY
Reference price: 2.87-2.91 USD
Minimum order:
Other info: Per piece
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Custom processing Yes Brands Shang Ming -shinmi model 5050
Power source 30(W) Voltage 12(V) Colour white
The main scope Indoor and outdoor decoration

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Shenzhen Shang Mingguang Power Co., Ltd. (0755-33291948 15818578585) is a research and development, production and sales of LED light bar, LED soft light, light bar, with lights, LED light bar, LED lights with and supporting the power supply, controller, etc. products of professional high-tech companies.

The new 5630 soft light, high brightness, large-size chip package used in Taiwan, completely replace the traditional lighting of various

The company is launching a special price, the lowest price, and now buy the most cost-effective

(Product name): 5630 flexible light strip
(Product Power): 15W / m
(Product Specifications): 10mm wide and 5 meters / roll per meter 60 LED lamp beads, each three lights as a group, can be cut between each
(Water level): IP33
(Input Voltage): DC12V
(Material): rolled copper FPC
(Product source): LED
(Color temperature): White: 6000K (Fluorescent tube effect) Warm White: 3000K (Incandescent effect)
(Adaptation): home lighting, commercial lighting, hospital lighting, office lighting, airport lighting, the House of lighting, etc.
(Lifetime): 50,000 hours
(Service Policy): two years warranty, man-made damage is not covered by warranty.

2, process category

First, the bare board (indoor)

Second, Epoxy (half waterproof, bare board drop of silicone, process a little complicated)

Third, the casing (waterproof, outdoor use, the bare board set of flexible waterproof silicone tube)

Fourth, silicone --- solid casing Epoxy (all waterproof, outdoor complex environmental work)

3, Product Features

Soft and flexible, especially convenient nook dead in decoration, such as circular / irregular design decoration

Lights affixed to the back of imports 3M double sided tape, with lock casing series parts, easy installation, long life LED products, and low energy consumption

4, for the environment

A city skyline lighting (buildings, advertising wall signs, Christmas decorative landscape)

Second, irregular design of body decoration (polygonal walls Hotel / KTV and other places, drop ceiling line groove design ..)

Third, home dark groove trim (door, bar, wine cabinet, wardrobe, TV cabinet.)

Fourth, automotive beauty (body, underbody.)

5. Use and care:

First, the product is constant current low voltage 12V ~ 24V, please take 12V / 24 transformer low-voltage switching power supply or acquisition,

Second, installation, tear-sided adhesive on the back of the product to the place of use;

Three, RGB full color series, please purchase matching remote control RGB controller easy to color (color can be set / white or full remote control gradual, transition and change color change speed.)

Fourth, the routine use of this product, we recommend parallel; when used in tandem, do not connect more than 5 meters length, so as not bright enough due to insufficient voltage;

5630LED soft light image:

6, packaging and delivery time:

First, the standard package is 5 meters per roll;

Second, conventional products in stock year round, in case of shortage of factory shipment, can be shipped within 3-5 days;

Third, if there is a special color temperature requirements and quantities required, please place an order production to ensure consistent color temperature range.

7, the installation instructions and precautions:

A, LED light bar most of the low pressure, so remember at the time of installation, to better match the corresponding lights transformer, so as not to impact damage lights;

Second, when you install the LED flexible strip, LED light source and try to avoid the resistance of the lamp of the bend, so sealing off the light source and the resistor, resulting in some light can not light;

Third, when the matching transformer, should understand clearly the board can withstand the maximum current, and then consider how comprehensive series-parallel installation.

8, after-sales service:

First, if the product quality problems, please contact the Division I, and return processed within seven days of receipt, expired when their own solutions to handle, if indeed due to quality problems, our commitment to unconditional return, and bear the associated shipping costs, return the full purchase price.

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