335 side-emitting soft light | 335LED Flexible Strip | 120 light one meter Epoxy 335LED Strip light

335 side-emitting soft light | 335LED Flexible Strip | 120 light one meter Epoxy 335LED Strip light

Product description:

Types of LED lights Brands Shang Mingguang electric -shinmi model 335 60pcs / m
Input voltage 12(V) LED chip brand An optical three LED lamp beads Model 335
LED lamp beads number of pieces 60 (pcs / m) size 5000 * 8mm (mm) Protection class IP20
Packaging Technology SMD power 4.8 Light Color Warm white, white, red, yellow, blue, green, orange
Lamp Specifications SMD SMD 5050LED lamp beads

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335LED Strip Light Products

335led light bar lights with 335 lights, 335 lights

Product Description: 335 side emitting LED light bar
Features: Waterproof
Specifications: 5000mm x 8mm x 2mm
Product Number of lamps: 300PCS / M
Color: White
Viewing angle: 120 degrees
Operating voltage: 12VDC
Working temperature: -20 ℃ - + 40 ℃
Job Specifications: 5m / roll
PCB Color: Yellow FPC / white FPC / FPC black
Life: 30000-50000 hours
Other colors: red, yellow, blue, green, white, warm white / cool white, RGB


5 m roll, reel, a static bag.

Scope 335LED Strip Light

1. 2. Harbour lighting backlighting, signs or edge 3. path and profile signs

4. marine lamps 5. 6. Replace fluorescent lighting work

7. holiday, events, performances, exhibitions decorative lights

8. canopy, corridor, window, arches architectural lamp 9. DIY household lights

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