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12vLED Strip Light | 3014 bare board LED Strip Light | Interior LED Strip Light | LED Strip Light

12vLED Strip Light | 3014 bare board LED Strip Light | Interior LED Strip Light | LED Strip Light
  • 12vLED Strip Light | 3014 bare board LED Strip Light | Interior LED Strip Light | LED Strip Light
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Unit price: 17.8-18 CNY
Reference price: 2.59-2.62 USD
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Suggested retail price ¥19.00 Types of LED lights Brands Shang Ming shinmi
model 3014 Input voltage 12(V) LED chip brand An optical three
LED lamp beads Model 3014 LED lamp beads number of pieces 60 (pcs / m) Single lumen lamp beads 11 (lm)
Beam angle 120 (degrees) Circuit board material FPC Can I Dimmer no
Active life 20000(H) size 5000 * 8 (mm) weight 200(g)
Protection class IP20 power 4.8 Packaging Technology SMD
Light Color Warm white, white Lamp Specifications 3528

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3014 bare board LED Strip Light Products

With bright 0.1W 3014 and every single light source, a single lamp lumens up 10-11LM


Not waterproof

Epoxy waterproof

Silicone tube waterproof

Glue waterproof casing


L5000 * W5 * H2

L5000 * W5 * H4

L5000 * W5 * H4

L5000 * W5 * H6

Main material

FPC Flexible circuit boards

FPC Flexible circuit line +Epoxy

FPC Flexible circuit boards +Silicone tube

FPC Flexible circuit boards +casing +Epoxy

waterproof level










Operating temperature /humidity

-20Cº - 50Cº / 50RH

-10Cº - 60Cº / 60RH

-20Cº - 60Cº / 80RH

-20Cº - 60Cº / 100RH



Indoor and outdoor, watering can

Indoor and outdoor, watering can, or soak

Indoor and outdoor, can be a long soak in the water

Color Temperature

Warm White:2800-3500K, White:6000-6500K,Cold white:8000Kthe above

Product Installation Considerations

(1) LED products are sensitive to static electricity, the installation process, please pay attention to prevent static electricity, to prevent the breakdown caused by static electricity causing death LED does not light, do not use sharp objects to press the LED surface,

(2) can not be inserted directly into the light bar 110V-220V, otherwise it will burn out light bar, light bar need to use a separate power supply, power supply according to the length of the total use of the lamp power and light bar connection may be.

(3) To avoid bending and just position of the LED or other components in order to avoid damaging the product surface components off when the product is installed.

(4) Do not waterproof light bar installed in humid, humidity is greater than 50% RH environments, Epoxy waterproof only temporarily splash water or watering, do not for a long time as to water or rain, if not necessary, select higher water level product.

3014 bare board LED Strip range

Backlighting, signs or edge

Path and profile signs

Task lighting

Replacing the fluorescent lamp

Holidays, events, shows, exhibitions decorative lights

Corridors, windows, arches architectural lights

DIY household lights

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