3528 Happy Valley 10 meters LED lights with a 3528 four-color LED Strip Happy Valley

3528 Happy Valley 10 meters LED lights with a 3528 four-color LED Strip Happy Valley

Product description:

Suggested retail price ¥30.00 Types of LED lights Brands Shang Mingguang electric -shinmi
model 3528 Input voltage 12(V) LED chip brand An optical three
LED lamp beads Model 3528 LED lamp beads number of pieces 32 (pcs / m) Single lumen lamp beads 6 (lm)
Beam angle 120 (degrees) Circuit board material fpc Active life 30000(H)
size 10000 * 8 (mm) weight 400(g) Protection class IP65
Color Temperature RGB (K) power 21w Voltage 12v
Colour R G B W

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10m3528 four-color Happy Valley LED light bar manual

Name: 10m3528 four-color Happy Valley LED light bar

Voltage: 12v

Color: Four color (W R G B)

Width: 8 mm

Length: 10m / roll

Waterproof grade IP: IP65

Life: 30000h

Power: 21w / volume
Warranty: 1 year
Packaging: reels, static bag (foil bag)

10m3528 four-color Happy Valley LED light bar Key features:
A, can be bent, can be arbitrarily fixed in the concave and convex surfaces, easy to install!
B, small size, rich color.
C, by the printed circuit boards, back with 3M double-sided adhesive for paste.
D, small size.
E, the standard length of each volume: 10m

10m3528 four-color Happy Valley LED light bar Scope:
Suitable for city lighting engineering, interior decoration contouring within the home decoration, bars, discos, cars, indoor / outdoor advertising and a variety of high-end places.
1, with plasticity, can be bent shape --- fixed on uneven surface, easy to install (using the built-in self-adhesive 3M), etc;
2, waterproof, low temperature when the temperature does not change color, low voltage and long lifetime;
3, with bright colors, soft light and compact (three LED lights to form a loop --- every 3 lamps can be cut using) is the energy-saving and environmental advantages over neon replacement product (saving 70% than neon) more decorative profiles. Lighting over the production of moldings.


Iter Number

3528 meteor horse race flexible
10000 * 8MM
Peak total power
LEDQty / M
Annular Tubes / Epoxy
Control mode
Inter Control / External control
Working temperature

-10℃ +55℃

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