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Happy one meter 54 lights LED strip lights, stage KTV bar decoration 5050LED soft light Happy Valley

Happy one meter 54 lights LED strip lights, stage KTV bar decoration 5050LED soft light Happy Valley
  • Happy one meter 54 lights LED strip lights, stage KTV bar decoration 5050LED soft light Happy Valley
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Suggested retail price ¥30.00 Types of LED lights Brands Shang Ming -shinmi
model 5050 Input voltage 12(V) LED chip brand An optical three
LED lamp beads Model 5050 LED lamp beads number of pieces 54 (pcs / m) Single lumen lamp beads 12 (lm)
Beam angle 120 (degrees) Circuit board material FPC Can I Dimmer Yes
Active life 30000(H) size 5000 * 10MM (mm) weight 200(g)
Protection class IP65 Color Temperature RGB (K) power 13
Packaging Technology SMD Lamp Specifications 5050

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Happy 5050 Marquee Strip LED Strip Light product brochures

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Marquee stripe dynamic picture:

Product Description:

  • Specifications: SMD5050 Happy soft light 1 meter 54 beads (5 meters a roll, can be customized)
  • Power: 143W / m
  • Supply voltage:12V DC (Need to apply a dedicated transformer, according to the length of the different specifications for the transformer)
  • Suitable temperature: -20-80 ° C
  • Viewing angle: 120 degrees
  • Waterproof grade: IP65, This rain, but not long-term immersion in water.

Product Features:

  • Products are small, light, thin; high flexibility, every 5 centimeters (three lights) to crop, very convenient
  • Lights affixed to the back of imports 3M double-sided adhesive, easy installation
  • Energy saving, long life (normal use can reach 8 to 100,000 hours)
  • Using 12V DC low voltage power supply, safe and hidden.
  • Happy Valley LED flexible strip uses high-brightness 5050 SMD LED as light source; light even delicate, bright colors, rich colors.
  • Epoxy with very soft water and soft PCB board as base, 60 super bright 5050 SMD LED / meter high brightness SMD LED as luminous body angle) 120 degrees, a program for each IC to control a LED light , evenly arranged on the PCB board positive, the full realization of single LED lamp can control functions
  • (Main effect: water, chase lights, Happy Valley, Symphony, scanning, gradient, jump flash, even flash, explosion flash)
    The use of plug-in connector connected to each other beautifully, very slim, compact form factor, is a versatile soft horizontal strip, with soft, collapsible bending, random knotting, cut, stitching and other characteristics, but will not affect the luminescence properties. direct use transparent tape, glue, pins, wire nails, clear plastic cards and other fixed to the decorative surface may also be used for glass, windows, furniture, doors, windows, walls, etc., convenient to use and flexible. You can also use Fei edge type suture in cloth, leather, clothing surface and edges.
    With a dedicated controller 84 changes a variety of effects to achieve the neon effect, environmental protection and energy saving, long life, high quality and good stability. The products are widely used in city beautification projects, light box advertising, stage sets, home decoration, outline decoration , city beautification, industrial lighting, etc; the product of choice to replace neon.

Happy LED Strip Light Controller Adjustment Instructions:

Pro: Marquee strip over a series of more than ten meters, the need to use marquees article dedicated amplifier sends a signal, a signal amplifier can support 10 meters ticker tape, the power supply to the amplifier, the controller only transmit signals

LED switching power supply, controller Marquee strip, strip Marquee, Marquee dedicated signal amplifier connection (RGB strip lights and marquees on the link is the same):

Pro: LED switch power strip outside the Marquee, Marquee bar controllers, marquees of signal amplifiers are sold separately, are not included in the offer

For the environment:

  • Irregular design of body decoration (polygonal walls hotel / club / KTV places such as, drop ceiling line groove design, decorative heighten the atmosphere)
  • City skyline lighting (buildings, advertising wall signs, holiday and other decorative art)
  • Home dark groove trim (door, bar, wine cabinet, wardrobe, TV cabinet.)
  • Automotive beauty (body, underbody.)

led flexible light strip on Energy Conservation:

Shang Ming has been working to:


Shang Mingguang electric -shinmi Description:
(1), 3528,5050 series of bare boards, Epoxy waterproof, waterproof casing, Epoxy waterproof casing low-pressure 12vLED soft light (white, warm white, cool white, yellow, green, blue, red, purple, etc. );

(2), 3528,5050 series RGB, Happy Valley, running water, scanning, full-color, Symphony LED flexible light strip

(3), 3528,5050 series 220v high voltage LED lights;
(4), LED flexible light strip (RGB, Happy Valley, running water, scanning, full-color, Symphony) controller;

(5), LED lights power supply

Shang Mingguang electric -shinmi Company:

Shenzhen Shang Mingguang Power Co., Ltd. (www.ledrdt.com 0755-33291948 15818578585 QQ: 2602165622) is a collection development, production and sales of LED light bar, LED soft light, light bar, with lights, LED lights, LED lights and supporting the power supply, controller and other products of professional high-tech companies. companies adhering to the "customer first, forge ahead 'business philosophy, adhere to the' customer first 'principle to provide our customers with quality service. Welcome!

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