5050LED SMD flexible light strip | LED lights with flexible | 5050LED soft light soft light band

5050LED SMD flexible light strip | LED lights with flexible | 5050LED soft light soft light band

Product description:

Suggested retail price ¥16.00 Types of LED lights Brands Shang Ming shinmi
model 5050 60 Input voltage 12(V) LED chip brand An optical three
LED lamp beads Model 5050 LED lamp beads number of pieces 60 (pcs / m) Single lumen lamp beads 12 (lm)
Beam angle 120 (degrees) Circuit board material FPC Can I Dimmer Yes
Active life 20000(H) size 5000 * 10 (mm) Protection class IP65
Range of purposes Indoor and outdoor decoration Color Temperature 3000K (warm white), 6500K (cool white), R, G, B, Y (K) power 14.4
Packaging Technology SMD Lamp Specifications 5050SMD SMD LED beads

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This paragraph is 12V lamp with a bare patch version lights, be sure to buy a transformer with 12V, whether those with access to 220V high-voltage lights will burn.

LED Lighting Features:
① high efficiency, low energy consumption.
② good light quality. Since no ultraviolet and infrared spectra, no heat, no radiation, LED is a typical green lighting .③ long life. If it is not the correct use and external factors, the life of up to 100,000 hours.
④ safe to use. Monomer operating voltage roughly between 1.5V ~ 5V, operating current of about 20mA.
. ⑤ green recyclable waste, no pollution; unlike fluorescent lamps contain mercury components.
⑥ flexible control by adjusting the current may be dimming, a combination of different colors of light can be color, plus the timing control circuit can achieve a variety of dynamic changes in effect.

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