5050LED waterproof flexible light strip | LED Strip Light | LED flexible light strip | LED Strip Light | 60 lights one meter

5050LED waterproof flexible light strip | LED Strip Light | LED flexible light strip | LED Strip Light | 60 lights one meter

Product description:

Suggested retail price ¥18.00 Types of LED lights Brands Shang Mingguang electric -shinmi
model 5050 60pcs / m Input voltage 12(V) LED chip brand An optical three
LED lamp beads Model 5050 LED lamp beads number of pieces 60 (pcs / m) Single lumen lamp beads 12 (lm)
Beam angle 120 (degrees) Circuit board material FPC Can I Dimmer Yes
Active life 30000(H) size 5000 * 10mm (mm) Protection class IP20
Range of purposes Indoor and outdoor decoration Color Temperature 3000K (warm white), 6500K (cool white), R, G, B (K) power 14.4
Packaging Technology SMD Lamp Specifications SMD SMD 5050LED lamp beads

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1. Color: FPC main color yellow board, whiteboard, blackboard, customizable .LED lamp luminous colors: white, warm white, red, yellow, blue, green, purple.

2. Waterproof: lights due to apply to a different location, water level is divided into not waterproof, Epoxy waterproof, waterproof casing.

3. The number of lamp beads: on the FPC can be attached to many LED3528 lamp beads, so the per meter FPC, lamp beads per meter 30 lights, 60 lights per meter, 120 lights per meter three general to apply to brightness requirements different places.

product description

(Light source): SMD5050

(LED Number): 60PCS

(Lamp power): 14.4W

(Luminous flux): 240-100LM

(Emitting angle): 120

(Light color): white, warm white, cool white, red, yellow, green, blue and other colors

(Operating voltage): 12V

(Lighting material): copper

(Product life): more than 50,000 hours

(Luminaires feature)

1. The light angle: Using SMD 5050, light angle greater than 120 degrees

2. The simple circuit structure, low voltage power supply, safe and reliable: DC 12

3. Installation, maintenance is simple and convenient: can be cut according to requirements by means

4. The green light, low heat, do not produce harmful ultraviolet light

5. The long life, once installed, can be used to more than seven years, once and for all choice.

6. The multi-point light source arrangement, uniform illumination, in the eyes of customers moving, lively and jewelry merchandise

7. The installation is very simple, light body slender, do not take place, it does not affect the visual impact.

(Applications):1. 2. Harbour lighting backlighting, signs or edge of the path and profile signs 3. 4. 5. marine lamps 6. Replace fluorescent lighting work

7. holiday, events, performances, exhibitions decorative lights 8. canopy, corridor, window, arches architectural lamp 9. DIY household lights

Product Image

Color Temperature Control

product advantages

1, flexibility: LED soft light with very soft FPC as the substrate, can bend without breaking any, easy to shape, for various advertising shapes necessary.

2, pure color: LED flexible light strip uses high-brightness SMD LED as light source, such as a white LED soft light brightness 4000 ~ 5000mcd therefore has the advantages of LED light-emitting elements, light color pure, soft, no glare both. It can be used as a modified use, and can cater to lighting use.

3, heat a small: a light emitting element LED soft light is LED, single LED power due to the low, usually 0.04 ~ 0.08W, so the heat is not high as modified aquarium lighting, rather than creating. water temperature increase caused a lot of heat, spread to the growth of ornamental fish.

4, energy: LED soft light strip power per meter of only 4.8W 1210, 5050 LED flexible light strip per meter power 7.2W, compared with the traditional lighting fixtures and modification, the low power several times, but performance was good a lot of.

5, environmental protection: LED soft light strip forming material, whether LED or FPC, which materials are used environmentally friendly materials, are recyclable type, not because of the large number of applications caused by environmental pollution and hazards.

6, long life: the normal application life LED soft light from 8 to 100,000 hours, 24 hours a day non-stop work, almost all their life for nearly 10 years and therefore, LED flexible light strip is several times the life of traditional lamps. .

7, a wide range of applications: LED soft light because the soft, frivolous, pure color and other characteristics, are widely used in building body contour, step, stand, bridge, hotel, KTV lighting modifications, as well as the production of advertising signs, a variety of large-scale animation , pictures and advertising design and other occasions. as they mature LED soft light technology, its application will be more extensive.

8. Safety: LED flexible light strip uses low voltage DC 12V supply voltage, and therefore very safe application, whether the elderly, children can safely use without causing a safety hazard.

9, easy to install: LED soft light strip in LED flexible strip light, thin, and therefore, can also be achieved using double-sided adhesive fixed functions

Installation instructions and precautions

1, simple and easy to install product.

2, when out from inside the box to check the integrity of the product.

3, products and flammable materials to ensure that at least 0.2m distance.

4, non-professionals may not disassemble, repair. Our right to refuse to dismantle, repair or provide replacement product warranty service.

Safety Precautions

1, with the former to be confirmed whether the product is damaged in transit, if damage can not install and use.

2, do not attempt to repair, to repair by a qualified engineer.

3, the material away from children. Product small parts, do not lead to swallowing. Not to let children touch live equipment.

4, do not look long LED light-emitting surface, do not use the reflected LED light to irradiate the eyes of others.

5, to stay away from open flame or hot object.

6, if the product over the period of use, need to re-repair inspection, or scrap.


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