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Baby pajamas cotton gauze summer children's pajamas thin section Lingerie summer clothes summer newborn baby bathrobe

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Product parameters:

  • Listing Year season: 2016 Summer
  • Brand: Uerlan / Lan gifted children
  • Security Level: A Class
  • Material Composition: 100% cotton
  • Color: pink and white bunny deer blue monkey blue yellow windmill windmill short short short pink windmill pink windmill blue yellow windmill windmill
  • Item: 6588
  • Reference Height: 12 months 2 years 3 years 4 years 5 years
  • Underwear texture: Cotton (95% and above)
  • For the season: Summer
  • Function: Moisture wicking sweat antibacterial
  • To apply a gender: Neutral
  • Underwear for ages: 1 years of age 1-3 years old



Because of sparse gauze fabric, soft features, making it extremely difficult process, thread, a slight snag, slight shirring, lining a little right Etc., is difficult to avoid, which do not affect the wearing, not as a quality problem, oh. Perfectionist mother, please carefully purchase Oh!

Special Note:

1, Gauze is more washing softer Oh, Inelastic , Washed slight shrinking, Fat baby can buy a large two yards, you can buy the normal size freshman yards.

2, Gauze does not have any taste, but Because gauze production process more complicated, day only a few goods Manufacturers in order to finish the work, this section uses a clothes factory not Ventilation dried plastic bag, so to open the package, when will smell some of the flavor, so the clothes a little dry under the sun or under the sun, or slightly over the water, there is no taste, you can rest assured that baby wearing ~
3 , When cleaning, Please gentle hand: Not machine wash, scrub not be forced, because of intense friction prone to hair loss phenomenon . Such as clothes too close, Baby range of motion is too large or improper cleaning Etc., but also prone to the open line.