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3.7v3528RGB colorful LED lights shoes, personalized gifts LED light bar manufacturers wholesale

3.7v3528RGB colorful LED lights shoes, personalized gifts LED light bar manufacturers wholesale
  • 3.7v3528RGB colorful LED lights shoes, personalized gifts LED light bar manufacturers wholesale
Product code: 26899700001
Unit price: 14.5-15 CNY
Reference price: 2.11-2.18 USD
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Other info: Per piece
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Custom processing Yes Brands Shang Ming shinmi model 3528
Power source 4.8(W) Voltage 3.7(V) Colour Various monochrome
The main scope Personalized gift products

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l Product composition: FFC / FPC + transparent epoxy resin material Epoxy (or silicone casing) + LED light + controller (battery box + 2CR2025 battery)

l waterproof: waterproof light bar surface to do with dropping transparent 'epoxy' and set 'transparent silicone tube' in two ways without processing to be made is not waterproof products.

lLED light from: 3cm, 5cm, 6cm, 10cm and so on for customers to choose, can also be customized (led lights for 0805 0603led SMD LED beads lights)

Regular size: 34 light / m 20 light / m 17 light / m 9 light / m.

l light bar quality: light bar softness, and can be any bending, folding and kneading the product does not appear after several dead lights, transparent plastic and FFC / FPC separator and transparent plastic broken and other adverse request money, the technology industry-leading level.

l light bar controller: a variety of styles for the election, the battery case may be sticker or silk screen customer's Logo battery life at 25 LED status lights lit up more than 30 hours, replace the battery is also very convenient.

l light bar width: 3mm --- 10mm light strip length can be customized requirements (how long can do) light strips can be cut out according to the different needs of customers based on customers.

l Color: red / orange / green / blue / white / yellow / pink / RGB and other colors for the election.

l lighting mode: long bright flash, slow flash, off stop (controlled by the controller).

l We can provide functional control panels, providing emission control switch and power supply battery.

l provide mounting accessories (tube skirt sewn unilateral, bilateral tubes, semicircular tube skirt), enabling customers to paste or sewn.

Instructions for use:

lA. This product can be used pasting, fixed on the adhesive composition. first adhesive surface, oil, debris cleaned, coated with adhesive glue adhesive surface, making it a solid combination.

lB. This product is the convenience of customers, providing unilateral and bilateral tube skirt skirt tube sleeve can be sewn in the way, fixed in position stapling, you can use a needle and thread and stitched edging the product in the fabric, clothing, textiles, leather and so on.

lC. This product can be used mosaic way, easily fixed in the gap can be outside of this product LED lights for inlaid in the small gap, to fix it.


î apply to pet collar, drawstrings, leash, working card straps, lanyard, light frames and other light products.

î applicable to all kinds of fashion handmade works of art, all kinds of bags, shoes, fashion sling, so that your products have more selling points

î for automotive beauty and decorating, it acts as a safety warning.

î for a variety of LED advertising signs, advertising displays indoor and outdoor fine decorative boards.

î applies to stores, roads, bridges, tunnels, path and contour signs lighting project

î apply creative gifts, electronic toys, home decorations, business and advertising gifts, handicrafts, health technology gifts, sporting goods, DIY personalized gifts, new exotic products, household goods (furniture, dark groove trim, ceiling, door frames, wine cabinet, wardrobe, TV cabinet), textiles and gifts.

î apply to hotels, bars, cafes, KTV, nightclubs and other leisure venues of mood lighting.

î applicable to illumination in high-end stores, shopping malls, showcase, jewelry store.

î applies to dance, wedding, parties, and other warm welcome mood lighting.


Shang Mingguang electric -shinmi Description:
(1), 3528,5050 series of bare boards, Epoxy waterproof, waterproof casing, Epoxy waterproof casing low-pressure 12vLED soft light (white, warm white, cool white, yellow, green, blue, red, purple, etc. );

(2), 3528,5050 series RGB, Happy Valley, running water, scanning, full-color, Symphony LED flexible light strip

(3), 3528,5050 series 220v high voltage LED lights;
(4), LED flexible light strip (RGB, Happy Valley, running water, scanning, full-color, Symphony) controller;

(5), LED lights power supply

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