Nano sleep monitoring Bluetooth bracelet

Nano sleep monitoring Bluetooth bracelet

Product description:

1, the phone to vibrate ;
2, find the mobile phone and mobile phone theft (ultra distance ring warning tones ) ;
3, the remote cell phone camera ;
4, sleep monitoring, real-time monitoring of the quality of sleep ;
5, pedometer function, the transmission of information by odograph apk software to the phone ;
6, stainless steel metal, non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials imported from Germany strap;
7, watch function;
8, black, blue, red three color options; charging time : 2 hours ;
9, standby time : ≥168 hours ( about seven days ) ;

10 language packs : A, English; B, multi-language : English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Italian, German, Indonesian, Finnish, Vietnamese, Turkish, Russian, Arabic, Thai, Swedish ;

11, screen printing logo, custom packaging, brochures, switching machine screen ;