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Arrogant intelligent security watches

Arrogant intelligent security watches
  • Arrogant intelligent security watches
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1, the new metal, Andrews intelligent Bluetooth watch (nanometer living water);
2,1.60 inch 240 * 240 resolution capacitive touch screen (color);
3, ringtones tips;
4, support for stereo music playback;
5, phonebook synchronization, support phone book with direct dialing, support call;
6, synchronous message display and QQ, micro letters, e-mail, facebook notification (Andrews phone fully compatible, IOS system Apple phone after the Bluetooth connection can only receive calls);
7, comes with recording, compass, alarm clock, stopwatch, stopwatch and other functions;
8, intelligent anti-theft and ultra-distance sound warning tones, Android phones will have to find a cell phone camera phones and remote control;
9, dual-core processor, memory Memory RAM512 + ROM4G, Andrews 4.4 system, independent WIFI, can customize the software installation and removal;
10, sleep monitoring, real-time monitoring of the quality of sleep; own pedometer, walking distance and calculate calories consumed itself; Android phone can synchronize sleep and pedometer data to the phone; 11, with remote input method, you can enter text by mobile phone;
12, Bluetooth version: 4.0;
13 Battery size: 360 mA;
14, charging time: 2 hours;
15. Standby time: ≥240 hours (10 days);
16, talk time: ≥3 hours;
17, stainless steel case, green silicone strap, black, gold, silver three color options;
18 language packs: Japan, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Britain, Spain, France, Croatia, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Finland, Sweden, Vietnam, Turkey, Greece, Russia, Hebrew, Arabic, Persian, Korean, Thai, South Korea;
21, screen printing logo, custom packaging, brochures, switching machine screen;