Misfit shine motion tracker dedicated smart bracelet strap leather strap bracelet titanium steel frame

Misfit shine motion tracker dedicated smart bracelet strap leather strap bracelet titanium steel frame

Product description:

Suggested retail price ¥168.00 material Titanium steel leather Product Size 60 * 25 * 150mm
Brand ST Applicable models Misfit shine motion tracker Colour black Brown
product weight 50g Availability 2014 Service Shop three packs
Supply category Spot The fastest delivery time 1-3 Whether to support a generation of fat no
invoice According to customer demand

Pro, we just strap this product, excluding Misfit Shine body, do not shoot the wrong Oh!

Each Misfit Shine are essential leather wristband wristbands .Misfit Shine, original design, titanium material, shell pure machining, stylish appearance, multiple choice of color, and Misfit Shine perfect fusion, you deserve!

design concept:
Wristband inherited the Rennes Opera circular building characteristics, its subtle curves and contours into the wristband design, the extreme simplicity of the shape of the fundamental regression design, reproduce simple neoclassical solemn appearance. Leather strap and titanium alloy with steel, rounded unfavorable hand, burnished metallic, worn on the hand enough quality, and simplicity of Misfit perfect match. wristband with the original match buried, the same simple, generous, especially tailored for your health, choice of wearing shine more than just a watch band, but also reflects the kind of value, a quality, an attitude to life!

product information:

Name: shine motion tracker / leatherBand leather wristband
Model: LBMS
Brand: ST
Dimensions (including packaging): 60 x 25 x 150mm
Weight (with packaging): 50g
Wristband color: black, brown;
Border color: cool black, streamer black, champagne gold

feature of product:
1. The original design, simple and stylish appearance, suitable for any people to wear on different occasions.
2. Absolute anti-shedding, leather texture, anti-sweat, anti-slip, comfortable and easy to clean.
3. perfect fit, easy to wear, one size fit all, view exercise schedule anytime, anywhere, to health 'wear' in hand.
The first layer of leather wristband selection as fabric, elegance, personality rather than obvious, concise fashion.
5. bezel scratch using hard texture of titanium steel metal. By precision cutting crafted from polished, bright and stylish curves, the texture from the inside out spontaneously.

Buyer must read:
This product is mainly anti-shedding, the time to win the first use will be very tight, the future use of the words will be just fine. When installing make sure the back of the product, against the corner, so that the machine can be harder to win , and this method will not cause damage to the product, such as the use of force or external hard tool to pry open the product, in order to bring the product damage, customers need to be responsible for yourself!