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Apple's high-quality phone waterproof phone waterproof luminous iphone6 ​​phone waterproof bag dive bags

Apple's high-quality phone waterproof phone waterproof luminous iphone6 ​​phone waterproof bag dive bags
  • Apple's high-quality phone waterproof phone waterproof luminous iphone6 ​​phone waterproof bag dive bags
Product code: 26879200001
Unit price: 8.5-9 CNY
Reference price: 1.24-1.31 USD
Minimum order:
Other info: Per piece
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Material PVC imports Printed LOGO no Brand The first Connaught
Applicable Products Phone Applicable scene Swimming, traveling, diving, river trekking, rafting patent no
Custom processing no Whether imported no Colour Athens blue, sunny orange, red, apple green

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Spot direct manufacturers of high-quality apples iphone6 ​​phone waterproof phone waterproof phone waterproof bag dive bags Luminous

Luminous phone waterproof diving high quality bags, more than 95% of the market to adapt to within 6.0 inch phone.
Summer, sun, sand as well as fresh air, out of play, for your phone select a bodyguard intimate bar ~

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Patent buckle design, easy accessibility, superior water resistance; carrying strap, can hang a portable, easy to carry

Usage scenarios: fishing, hot springs, rafting, boating, diving, skiing, water parks boating, beach Surfing, hiking, swimming, swimming, etc. Songkran to be used in our mobile phone waterproof bag.


Name: Mobile Waterproof Bag
Weight: 80g Standard Edition

Increase the version 85g
Size: Standard Size: 155x95 mm (4.8 inch screen for less mobile use)
Increase the version size: 175x95 mm (4.8-6.0 inch screen for phone use)
Applicable scene: fishing, hot springs, rafting, kayaking, scuba diving, skiing, water park fun, beach surf
, Hiking, swimming, swimming, etc. Songkran.

Ultra Waterproof: IPX8 waterproof, water resistant up to 30 meters, suitable for 95% of the mobile phone market;
Super Insight: imported material PVC, softer, light, anti-aging, anti-static,
Dual-screen design perspective, the mobile phone camera lens around to worry;
Super touch: high touch materials, touch sensitive, durable durable, Use accessibility;
Super Seal: super seal to prevent leakage;
Super lightweight: automatic float zero weight.

Product Size:

Standard Edition Size: 155x95mm fit 4.8-inch screen to accept phone.
Increase the version size: 175x95mm fit the screen 4.8-6.0 inch phone use.

Selection of color: Athens Blue sunny orange roses red apple green

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