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IPhone iPhone6 ​​/ 6S three anti waterproof protective sleeve protective sleeve with fingerprint function metal protective sleeve

IPhone iPhone6 ​​/ 6S three anti waterproof protective sleeve protective sleeve with fingerprint function metal protective sleeve
  • IPhone iPhone6 ​​/ 6S three anti waterproof protective sleeve protective sleeve with fingerprint function metal protective sleeve
Product code: 26879100001
Unit price: 55-65 CNY
Reference price: 8.01-9.46 USD
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Other info: Per piece
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Brand SinceTop Applicable Products iPhone 6 Collection Anti 3
Material tpu, metal style Simple popular elements Solid
Colour Black, red, white, silver, gold

Apple iphone6 ​​new three anti-mobile phone waterproof protective sleeve with true fingerprint function metal protective shell

Professional three anti-mobile phone protection shell with fingerprint function

The world's first truly three anti-mobile phone metal shell (with fingerprint function) Passion Listed
After a year of careful design and development, the world's first truly waterproof iPhone6 ​​metal four anti protective shell has finally arrived, the thinnest and lightest, most compact legend deduction.

The main competitive advantages: High quality, prompt delivery, new products, acceptance unique design or logo, competitive price, applicable to promotional items or gifts, accept small orders, acceptance of the original commission OEM contract manufacturing

This product is suitable iPhone6 ​​and iPhone6s, fully sealed design can drop resistance waterproof and dustproof, with fingerprint recognition, scratch resistant, have good efficacy and waterproof protective effect, is a real quality of the three anti-mobile phone protective shell. Pre leaving the camera viewfinder, adapt to a variety of environments shooting; charging holes with a protective plug, charging freedoms; headphone hole with a protective plug, free removal, safe, practical, did not affect the use of the host; minimalist design without Loss fashion, slim body gives you the ultimate experience !!!

When you love machine worn it, let your love machine from dust and dirt; away from rain, sleet and hail infestation, allowing you to rain and snow, hot springs, swimming, diving, fishing, skiing, rafting and other wet complex environment can also be assured of use.

Product parameters:

Material: Aluminum
Size: 152 * 79 * 12mm
Weight: 194g
Gross Weight: 243g
(Package with packaging)
Color: cool black flames red Tyrant gold silver ivory pearl
Applicable models: iPhone 6 6s (4.7 ')

Accessories: lens cleaning cloth * 1; User Manual * 1; size card * 1; hex screwdriver * 1

1. Fully sealed design, dustproof, drop resistance, waterproof, shockproof, anti-sludge super protection;

2. The daily shockproof up to standard MIL-STD-810F-516.5 (2 m drops any surface), waterproof rating of IP68 (2 meters deep);
3. The thin, to thin the limit thickness 11.9mm, 79.0mm width narrow limits set to lead the industry trend of three anti-protection, three anti-change the public to the concept of thick protective cover;

4. The use of aviation aluminum to build carefully, brushed metal details presented elaborately patterned etching, relief touch;
5. The ultra-thin shape, unique ergonomic curve track, you create the perfect touch;
6. Using fine sand and anodized, matte feel easy to scratch, highlighting the high-end temperament;
7. The fine details presented side stream line using bionic body slip concave design, allowing you to use more comfortable;
8. The streamlined shell design, the cold metal texture even more elegant temperament, revealing the noble identity like a sign.

Installation Notes:

1. This paragraph three anti-protection kits to more comprehensive protection for your love machine, so we take is accurate precision mold (metal + protective rubber cushion), comes with high hardness protection glass, so the installation of the time required pure bare metal, do not stick around the glass film (except ordinary protective film thickness 0.1), so as not to affect the fit. If you stick around the glass membrane, after forcibly loaded may cause damage to the machine or protective sleeve.

2. In the protective cover of the installation process, be sure to align the edges, align the screw, and check after not install the wrong direction, then the distribution of this subsection protective sleeve wrench to tighten the screws in the screwing process, please do not be too too hard to avoid the screw slip teeth or screw breakage.

3. This paragraph is tripartite protective sleeve protective sleeve (dust, drop, waterproof, scratch-resistant, anti-skid) in the true sense, through heavily guarded, careful ho protect your love machine, not on the market so-called splash waterproof .

4. This paragraph protective cover microphone, earpiece, speaker at even equipped with international advanced waterproofing membrane, due to the waterproof membrane needs conduction sound, it is very thin, do not man-made damage. Waterproof membrane and waterproof at the same time, there are also the use of life, so please parents who do not frequently unnecessary artificial flood damage.

Physical picture: