IPhone iPhone6 ​​/ 6S protective shell Lamborghini sports car styling aluminum protective shell protective shell

IPhone iPhone6 ​​/ 6S protective shell Lamborghini sports car styling aluminum protective shell protective shell

Product description:

Brand SINCETOP Applicable Products iPhone 6, iPhone 6s Collection Border style
Material metal style luxurious popular elements geometry
Colour Tyrant gold, space silver Applicable Model iphone6 ​​4.7

Shelf iPhone6 ​​phone protective shell aluminum front appearance Lamborghini sports car

Fashion Lamborghini sports car shape phone protective shell aluminum iPhone6

Material Aluminum
Dimensions 150 * 79 * 11.9mm

Weight 150g

Tyrant gold color space silver

Applicable models iphone6 ​​4.7 inch

Slim, more powerful than you think
Fine details presented in non-slip, skin-friendly at the same time, just to let you feel the true meaning of design
To limit the thickness of 11.9mm thin, leading the industry trend of three anti-protection cover
Width 79.0mm narrow limits, changing the concept of public thick protective cover for the three anti-
Using aerospace aluminum to build carefully, purely mechanical processing;
IPhone 6 using the same process, matte feel, easy to scratch, fine sand and highlight the high-grade anodized temperament.

Original design
Exclusive well-designed Seiko
Ultra-thin shape, unique ergonomic curve track, you create a perfect touch
Streamline the use of human bionic side slip concave design, allowing you to use more comfortable

design concept
In the world's most luxurious Lamborghini sports car prototype, adhering to simple, stylish, tough style, focusing on the premise of material technology, it took several months carefully crafted!

Type fashion classic
Fashion sports car styling, tough line
Luxury in with the beautiful can not hide.

The pursuit of quality steel
Brushed metal detail rendering,
Pattern meticulously etched, embossed feel.

Personalized tide
Fashion ahead, always have to have their own style.

Qiao ultimate feel
The ultimate luxury, shine bright light, the high-end metal processing, streamlined set off metal shell, revealing the noble identity like a sign.

Italian models simple justice
The unique design of the front car, the cold metal housing even more elegant temperament.
Fine craftsmanship, unique thoughts, blooming bright light!