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Manufacturers Spot sales of Apple waterproof protective shell iPhone6 ​​/ 6S protective sleeve protective shell TPU three anti-white

Manufacturers Spot sales of Apple waterproof protective shell iPhone6 ​​/ 6S protective sleeve protective shell TPU three anti-white
  • Manufacturers Spot sales of Apple waterproof protective shell iPhone6 ​​/ 6S protective sleeve protective shell TPU three anti-white
Product code: 26878600001
Unit price: 40-42 CNY
Reference price: 5.82-6.11 USD
Minimum order:
Other info: Per piece
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Brand worryfree Applicable Products iPhone 6, iPhone 6s Collection Anti 3
Material tpu style Simple popular elements Solid
Colour Black, white, blue, green, purple, rosy red

IPhone iPhone6 ​​iPhone6S 4.7 inch waterproof protective shell protective shell protective shell 2015 three anti-New Arrivals
2015 Summer necessary - your best diving playmate -waterproof case (waterproof protective shell)

This product is suitable iPhone6 ​​and iPhone6s, fully sealed design can drop resistance waterproof and dustproof, with fingerprint recognition, scratch resistant, have good efficacy and waterproof protective effect, is a real quality of the three anti-mobile phone protective shell. Pre leaving the camera viewfinder, adapt to a variety of environments shooting; charging holes with a protective plug, charging freedoms; headphone hole with a protective plug, free removal, safe, practical, did not affect the use of the host; minimalist design without Loss fashion, slim body gives you the ultimate experience !!!

When you love machine worn it, let your love machine from dust and dirt; away from rain, sleet and hail infestation, allowing you to rain and snow, hot springs, swimming, diving, fishing, skiing, rafting and other wet complex environment can also be assured of use.

Product Features:

Fully sealed design, dustproof, drop resistance, waterproof, shockproof, anti-sludge super protection;
** Standard daily earthquake reached MIL-STD-810F-516.5 (2 m drops any surface);
Waterproof grade: IP68 (2 meters);

Product size: 151 * 78 * 13mm;

Product Weight: 58 grams (protective shell with sling);
Package weight: 108 g (package with packaging);
Accessories: lens cleaning cloth * 1; User Manual * 1; size card * 1; sling * 1.

Upgrade Features:
1. Call the upgrade, sound clearer, better sound quality;
2. Fangshuai upgrade, flexible, earthquake, drop, durable;
3. Mute key upgrades, water is more stable, more simple operation;
The colors upgraded perfect ten color combinations;
5. buckle bit upgrade, the phone and shell integration;
6. Nuts upgrade (threads), dust, sand;
7. Upgrade feel, frosted cover slip, feel comfortable;
8. cover upgrade, flexible, can be 120 ° folding without deformation, high toughness;
9. The weight upgrade, lighter than the previous doubled;
10. The material upgrades, new environmental protection materials, the ultimate lightweight;
11. Waterproof upgrade, fully sealed design, water does not enter, reaching 100% waterproof.

Product advantages:

dust-proof - Wherever you will inevitably encounter inclement weather, dust, dust storms and other this three anti-mobile phone protective shell design perfect, seamless fit, dust effects allow you wonder.

waterproof - Waterproof superior performance, by IP68 grade test within two meters underwater normally receive calls, send and receive messages, read e-books, play games and so on;

Popular brands - Mobile phone screen protective film using PC material, scratch resistant, with extreme drop resistance characteristics, with fingerprint recognition, In either case, you can normally use, easy and convenient, definitely your love machine ' bodyguard'.

Products Scope:
Daily application: kitchen, spa, bathroom, rain, etc;
Outdoor Application: tourism, hiking, biking, cross-country skiing and the like;
Water Application: rafting, surfing, swimming, diving and the like;
Job application: field surveying, drilling workers and the like;

Installation Notes:

- Carefully read for illustrative guidance;
- Before installing iPhone, please try the waterproof case (first hold the iPhone in the shell), into the water, certainly will not leak, and then install the phone up;
- Please install proper protective shell and iPhone;
- Make sure all the holes and slits are tightly sealed;
- After installation of the waterproof case, such as off the ground, check whether the slits cracked so, please sealed.