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Priced at wholesale zinc alloy metal keycaps mechanical keyboard keycap dedicated numeric keys pearl silver suit

Priced at wholesale zinc alloy metal keycaps mechanical keyboard keycap dedicated numeric keys pearl silver suit
  • Priced at wholesale zinc alloy metal keycaps mechanical keyboard keycap dedicated numeric keys pearl silver suit
Product code: 26876300001
Unit price: 72-156 CNY
Reference price: 10.47-22.68 USD
Minimum order:
Other info: Per piece
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Suggested retail price ¥158.00 Brand TYS / OEM model NBKS
Availability 2014 Supply category Spot Types of Keyboard keycap
Features Feel really fade The fastest delivery time 1-3 days Processing methods OEM
Whether to support a generation of fat not support invoice Amount available Service Three bags store
Colour Pearl Silver Crafts Casting, polishing, electroplating, laser engraving, UV Material Zinc Alloy

Users buy a mechanical keyboard, the most valued is its precise sense and smooth finger input, followed by appearance. Previously, Cap mostly chosen ABS, POM and PBT plastic, but now on the market more and more metal elements keycap.

Division I is now available keycaps button replaced 'Zinc' material, and attach a UV coating. The metal is mainly used with Cherry MX key cap keyboard, since the manufacturers of mechanical keyboard products similar to pull it down and change to the other of the keyboard is properly due.
Our company has introduced 87 key mechanical keyboard layout keycap suit, such as a key, 4 key, key, and 9 keys, 12 keys, 13 keys, 14 keys, 37 keys, 86 keys and other metal keycaps suit. These zinc alloys Cap, is a mechanical keyboard Cherry mx axis dedicated accessories to support all mechanical keyboard height, surface after plating, glittering, unimaginable feel and beauty, is definitely the ultimate choice for gamers Tyrant.

Factory direct mechanical keyboard special metal keycaps, OEM height, supports all mechanical keyboard feel and unimaginable beauty. In addition to the spacebar, the full keyboard 87 keys can optionally purchase

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Company's main products include: Zinc Alloy Die Casting, zinc aluminum die casting, motors and electrical equipment parts,
LED lighting accessories, communications and 3C electronic products, accessories, furniture accessories, Security Series accessories, electronic cigarette accessories, sanitary gold Genus accessories, belt buckle, handicrafts and other products. The company located in the small and medium size zinc alloy, aluminum die casting

Professional manufacturers.

Mold manufacturing equipment:
Precision CNC computer gongs for two, three precision grinding, precision milling machines, precision EDM machine 3 and various molds processing facilities located
Shi equipment.
The main production equipment:
Zinc alloy die casting machine 88 tons 4, press three, drilling and tapping machine 18 sets, automatic tapping machine 4, polishing machine 10, the laser
Laser engraving machine 2, hot melt machine 1 supporting production facilities, and other precision equipment.

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