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Factory direct mechanical keyboard metallic Cap zinc cap set gold 14-key keys

Factory direct mechanical keyboard metallic Cap zinc cap set gold 14-key keys
  • Factory direct mechanical keyboard metallic Cap zinc cap set gold 14-key keys
Product code: 26875800001
Unit price: 140-196 CNY
Reference price: 20.35-28.49 USD
Minimum order:
Other info: Per piece
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Recommended retail price ¥198.00 Brand TYS/OEM Model BKKS
Time to market 2014 Source categories Spot Type Key caps key
Product features Metal cap Fastest shipping time More than 1-3 days Processing methods To map custom
Supports a Does not support Receipt According to customer requirements Colour Golden
Technology Die-casting, polishing, plating, laser, UV Material Zinc alloy

Buy mechanical keyboard users value most is its precise and smooth inputs, followed by appearance. Qian, ABS,POM and PBT plastic caps are selected, but now more and more metal caps on the market. our company Now cap was introduced will key into the ' zinc ' materials, plating and attached the UV coating. the metallic Cap Mainly used to mix Cherry MX keyboard (cross), because the manufacturers of mechanical keyboard products similar to it Pull down to change to a different keyboard is properly completed.

We have launched 87 key layout mechanical keyboard cap set, such as 1 button, 4 keys, 8 key, 9 key, 12-key, the 13 keys,14-key, 37 keys, 86 keys and other metal cap set, but also according to customers ' requests for freedom to mix. to undertake OEM Service, can be set Cap LOGO on the height and Cap. metallic Cap compared to the original CAP, the original key CAP will be higher around 1mm. 87-key machines Mechanical keyboard special metallic CAP, in addition to the space bar QWERTY 86 keys can be chosen arbitrarily.

Keys set 14 keys (gold)
Net weight: 200g
Packaging weight: 230g
Material: zinc alloy
Process: plating + laser +UV
Color: silver, Pearl silver, gold (18K gold plated)
Applies to: mechanical keyboard MX axis (cross)
Package: independent and transparent adhesive bags, 1 PCs/pouch, 1 set/bag.

Optional-86 key, you can select different colors
-Silver with UV technology

-Caps workshop pick and pack the picture

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