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Double Side Self-Adhesive Labeling Machine

Double Side Self-Adhesive Labeling Machine
  • Double Side Self-Adhesive Labeling Machine
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Product Description

1.This equipment used PLC micro-computer software control system, which has powerful memory function, and able to pre-setting 50 group of labeling parameters.
2.It is simple and quick operation. The label controlled by mutual inductance stepper motor. It ensures that the speed of sending label is sames as the imported inverter, to ensure that the machine's stability and reliability.
3.Stainless steel frame construction and components are standard;
4.Labeling speed is automatically synchronized with conveyor speed to ensure quality labeling;

Basic purpose:
It can be used for a variety of cylindrical objects, small taper round bottle full roll or half roll, front and back double-standard labeling, such as food cans, cosmetics round bottles, medicine bottles; Can match with ribbon coder, therefore it can print production date.

Machine structure introduction:

Labeling head mainboard

Using 20mm thick aluminum alloy plate , The whole process of grinding,ensure that plane grinding surface smoothness.The surface of aluminum alloy anode processing, gush arenaceous
technology, ensure hardness and beautiful.

All feeding label guide bar use heavy whole process, for making sure every guide bar with the vertical degree, ensure feeding label is stability.

Head motherboard adopt the most advanced CNC processing center
production, to ensure that each size precision.

Feeding label part use five axis positioning, the max ensure feeding label process is stability.
Label and feeding label roller nearly 2 / 3 of the contact area, great avoid label and the roller sliding, improve accuracy of feeding label.

Feeding label and recover label part use synchronization skid,avoid the label will been snapped.

The bottom of labeling head adopt whole seal structure, to avoid danger snap.

The machine has the vertical, horizontal of regulatory agencies,label can be realized position before and after adjustment for direction, suitable for various products, various position labeling.

Adopt Japanese Mitsubishi PLC control system,a more stable performance

Machine case use 304 SS the whole seal structure, effective to prevent rust and water into.