PE Film Shrink-Wrapping Packing Machine

PE Film Shrink-Wrapping Packing Machine

Product description:

PE Film Shrink-Wrapping Packing Machine

Production Description:

The Machine is developed for mineral water,pop-top cans,glass bottle,beer etc.combination packing with stable function,and the packed articles tight and orderliness.This is a fully automatic production line integrated with such processed as automatic conveying,feeding,tube management,cutting shrinking and cooling shaped-fixing flow.For large collectively counted case (box or can)packing,it is preferred to encase with PE or PVC Shrinking film before shrink package.


1. Suitable to PE PVC film packaging.

2. PLC control system, automatic working.

3. Colorful touch-screen control panel, easy operate.

4. Bottle entering, Auto unscrambling bottle, Pushing bottle, Heat sealing-Saw cutting, Pressing PE, Shrink, Cooling automatically

5. Capacity is adjustable through adjust the convey speed

6. The height of the conveyor shall be made towards client's demand, can handle 6, 9,12,15, 18, 20, 24 bottle per package

7. Double air blowers, guarantees the temperature balance in the shrink stove with PAD temperature controller that apparently saves energy.

8. The height of the conveyor shall be made towards client's demand.

9. Heavy duty coated iron machine construction

10. It applies wing shape stainless steel heating system, which is durable for long time use.

Technical Parameter:


WSP-10(L Type)

WSP-20(Linear Type)

WSP-10(L Type)

Machine Dimension




Shrink Tunnel Dimension(mm)




Max Package Dimension (mm)




Packing Speed (bundles/minute)




Work Voltage/Power

380V 19Kw

380V 30Kw

380V 19Kw

Working pressure




Total Weight




Applicable Container

Square,round PET bottle and glass bottle,Can

Packing material

PE film in roller

Packing arrangement

2x3,3x4,4x5(According to the bottle type)

Detailed Pictures:

After sale services:

1. One year warranty, technical supports the whole life.

2. Installation,If buyer need, we can send technical people to buyer's company to install the machine, while buyer should pay the cost (such as ticket and accommodation). You can also send your workers to my company to study how to use the machine.

Our Company&Services:

The Major products of Fillex company include various series equipments of full set of production lines such as bottle filling machines for carbonic acid beverage, mineral spring water, pure water, juice,milk, wine,cooking oil and etc, barrel filling machines and water treatment equipments for drinking water, mineral water, pure water and etc.


1)We can dispatch our engineer(s) to your side for installing and debugging machines, but our engineer(s) traveling allowances, as well as lodging and board expenses, shall be charged at your side.

2) The machine quality that we sell is guaranteed 1 year.

3)We shall provide your side spare accessories for easy-damaged parts within warranty year and long time technical support.