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Fruit Juice Pet Bottle Filling Machine

Fruit Juice Pet Bottle Filling Machine
  • Fruit Juice Pet Bottle Filling Machine
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The working course
Then bottle is transferred to filling machine through poking bottle star-wheel. The bottle is hold by neck holding plate after it is in the filling machine. The filling valve ascends and descends by the action of cam. It applies pressure filling method. When filling valve descends and touches bottle jack, it opens and finishes the filling course, when finished, the filling valve ascends and leaves the bottle while the bottle is transferred into capping machine through transition star-wheel that clamps bottle neck.
The stop screwing knife clamps bottleneck, keeps bottle upright and prevent turnover. The screw capping head keeps in circumrotation and rotation, under cams action; it finishes whole capping course including catching, pressing, screwing, discharging etc. Finished bottle is transferred onto output bottle chain from screw capping machine through poking wheel and leaves three-in-one machine.

Rinsing part:
Neck Control with plastic snap on the gripper.Water distributor combined with Food Grade Rubber plate & SUS304 cover.Spraying inject design, can completely washing the bottles.
Filling part:
The entire filler is gravity filling system.High accurate SUS304L construction filling nozzle, make sure high accurate filling level SUS304 liquid bowl, & pipeline system.
Capping part
Place & capping system. Automatic caps arranging, feeding.
No bottle no caps delivery.Automatic stop when lack of bottle.

Suitable to Bottle ShapeRound and Square container Bottle diameter: 50-120mm Bottle Height: 160-320mm
Drive Motor(KW)2.423.123.92
Rinsing water Pump Power(KW)0.370.370.37
Rinsing Time(s)
Drain Time(s)1.411.2
Water Consumption(T/H)1.51.52
Compressed air Consumption(m³/min)