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3 in 1 Bottled Mineral Water Filling Machine

3 in 1 Bottled Mineral Water Filling Machine
  • 3 in 1 Bottled Mineral Water Filling Machine
Product code: 26873700001
Unit price: 40000 USD
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FIllex's RFC-W series Water Filling Machine is one of advanced models which is our company combines international advanced self-filling process and technology developed specifically for mineral water, pure water and other non-gas beverage filling installation.

` Products can be handled
Pure water, mineral water, spring water, etc.
` Containers can be handled
PET bottles with different volumes and shapes
` Filling system
Gravity filling
` Capacity
Product Features:

1 Direct connection technology between air conveyor and in-feeding starwheel is applied to replace in-feeding screw and conveying chain to ease bottle changing process with only to change few parts. Newly-designed bottle-separating grippers are assembled to starwheel.
2 We adopts Neck-hanging technology in bottle transportation. Instead of traditional starwheel, we use neck-hanging gripper to make bottle-size-changing easily , without equipment height adjustment ,only few parts need to be adjusted
3 Specially-designed rinser grippers which are made of stainless steel are firm and endurable, with no contact to screw part of the bottle to prevent second pollution.
4 High-speed, easily-cleaned filling valves with big flow volume are equipped with well CIP system and control system to rinse the equipment thoroughly.
5 splint of starwheel using twist descending way to simplify the process of bottle-size-changing. Only need to change arch board and starwheel, within ten minutes.

Rinsing water Pump Power(KW)0.370.370.37
Suitable to Bottle ShapeRound and Square container Bottle diameter: 50-120mm Bottle Height: 160-320mm
Drive Motor2.423.123.92
Rinsing Time(s)
Drain Time(s)1.411
Water Consumption(T/H)1.51.52
Compressed air consumption