Square energy saving cooling tower | outlet specifically for cooling towers | cooling tower turbine

Square energy saving cooling tower | outlet specifically for cooling towers | cooling tower turbine

Product description:

KRTD series 100-1000L / DA turbine square cooling tower energy saving cooling tower Mitsubishi Electric energy saving cooling tower turbine cooling tower points: round square turbine cooling towers and turbine cooling towers, energy turbine Take Zhuo brand square cooling turbine circular glass steel cooling tower Guangdong turbine cooling tower cooling towers professional manufacturer of non-electric cooling tower cooling towers have no motor energy-saving motor cooling tower without motor cooling tower manufacturers

Kezhuo cooling tower under the Dongguan Kezhuo and Huaibei Kezhuo two factories, namely the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta region radiation and Southeast Asia, serving two of China's largest production base, Kezhuo welcome you to inquire

The company's cooling tower Product category:

A circular counter-flow cooling tower: 1, standard circular counter-flow cooling tower round 2, low-noise counter-flow cooling tower 3, ultra-low-noise circular counter-flow cooling tower 4, the high temperature circular counter-flow cooling tower

Second, square glass steel cooling tower: 1, cross-flow and low noise FRP square cooling tower 2, Counter-low noise FRP square cooling tower 3, sewage FRP square cooling tower 4, cross-flow wind side square glass steel cooling tower 5, industrial type Square Cooling Tower

Third, the turbine cooling tower: 1, turbine 2 square cooling tower, turbine circular cooling tower

Fourth, the closed cooling tower

Kezhuo turbine cooling tower

Shape division, can be divided into: circular glass steel cooling towers, a square glass steel cooling towers;

Divided on the use of performance can be divided into: standard cooling towers, low-noise cooling towers, low-noise cooling towers, high-temperature cooling towers;

Cooling water treatment capacity: circular cooling tower 6T-1000T, a square tower 8T-1000T, large industrial tower 800-5000T, and can use multiple combinations.

Technical characteristics of the cooling tower turbine Kezhuo

Kezhuo brand cooling tower turbine water wheel with turbo technology, the use of the cooling tower of the original cooling water driven cooling fan, abolished by conventional cooling tower fan motor drive heat dissipation, save the mechanical reduction unit and motor, in order to achieve 'zero' energy consumption of new energy saving cooling tower.

Circulating water cooling tower system by cooling pump system according to the requirements of a specific water pressure, water flow to the cooling tower for heat exchange, and thus into the tower after the water and residual pressure, can take advantage of. Complete service cooling circulating cooling water tower in accordance with a certain pressure, flow through the turbine units, making it obtain the output power, and cooling fan drive, completely eliminating the fan motor, up to 100% exemption from the fan energy purposes.

When installing turbines, can keep the original cooling tower shell structure, size does not change, the cold efficiency of the turbine cooling tower, fan speed, gas-water ratio, noise than the original motor-driven fan cooling towers have improved to varying degrees, each technical indicators can reach the cooling tower design requirements.

Use turbine cooling tower system failure points less to a turbine instead of the motor, speed reducer and transmission parts, trouble-free operation can be achieved for a long time, for the use of the unit to save a lot of maintenance and replacement of the cooling tower motor and gear unit costs and manpower.

Company Profile

Kezhuo Cooling Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2014, is mainly engaged in the design cooling towers, pumps, fans, chillers and other cooling equipment, production and sales. Guangdong factory covers an area of ​​1.2 square meters, construction area of ​​5,600 square meters, has a staff of more than 150 , including engineering and technical personnel 35. 2015 Anhui plant a project has been put into operation, as a quasi-Taipei key investment projects the company plans to invest 50 million yuan, covers an area of ​​32,000 square meters, construction area of ​​18,000 square meters, with an annual cooling equipment 100,000 (sets) of large enterprises. As the cooling equipment industry leading enterprises, cooling equipment industry leader in the technical specifications, always stand at the forefront of cooling equipment and technology, the company relies on a strong technical force and excellent location, in the ' scientific manufacturing, excellence 'the spirit, dedicated to the' Kezhuo brand 'build for the cooling tower industry brand. Kezhuo products are widely used in refrigeration, air conditioning, chemical, textile, plastic, metal and other industries.

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We promise the following three core values ​​are the foundation of all our work:

Achievements customers - we are committed to each customer's satisfaction and success.
Entrepreneurship and Innovation - we pursue the customer and the company to continue to study for the purpose of improving product quality.
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