Square cooling towers | cooling tower countercurrent square | industrial high temperature cooling tower

Square cooling towers | cooling tower countercurrent square | industrial high temperature cooling tower

Product description:

Kezhuo brand cooling tower KNT series monomer KNT80-1000T square counterflow cooling tower

Features and technical data presentation

A, KNT series square tower design conditions:

1: water temperature 43 ℃ water temperature 33 ℃

Wet bulb temperature 28 ℃ dry bulb temperature 31.8 ℃ temperature drop of 10 ℃

2: atmospheric pressure P = 9.94 X 104 Pa

3: Design wind pressure (14m / s

4: Anti-Seismic Design (8 basic seismic intensity

Two, KNT series square cooling Tate points:

1, the structure of the system

Tower metal components: Constitute tower of metal materials using high-intensity, high-quality steel hot-dip zinc processing, light weight, rigidity, the material of the indicators in line with national standards, spare parts interchangeability, easy assembly, good stability in harsh a long time under normal operation conditions.

Frame metal parts are hot-dip zinc processing, corrosion, oxidation; all metal components are referring to theoretical mechanics, mechanics of materials checked design, novel structure, reliable connection, easy assembly, with a long life.

Tower body surface member: Using fiberglass reinforced composite material (FRP) made of glass fiber reinforced plastic products uniform color, anti-aging, not fade, lasting 尤有光 Chak convex curved stiffening rib structure, modular design, the FRP product assembly flexible, lasting deformation Unique exterior design, and modern architecture blend.

2, the heat exchange system

Heat retardant fillers:

Raw material for high-quality PVC, unique cross twill double groove, corrugated design, hydrophilic, so that hot water flows through the filler surface to form a thin water film, water and air when in contact more fully, thereby enhancing heat exchange performance, improve the cooling efficiency of the cooling tower, a good filler flame retardant properties. unique structure effectively collect water vapor in the air will be hot and humid from the back tower, greatly reducing the floating water loss, reducing the volume of water supply .KNT series Cooling Tower Floating water loss rate of less than 0.001%.

3, ABS nozzle:

Sprinkler system with ABS nozzle as a main component, the showerhead modified ABS injection molding of high quality, no internal moving parts, corrosion and aging. When working low energy consumption, large caliber is not easy to plug, scaling, demolition, installation, maintenance convenience Unique adjustable design, make Continuous and uniform water distribution , Forming a reliable 'no hollow' umbrella-like 'solid cone' watering mode, no water, no dead ends cloth. Evenly spraying water on the filler surface, effectively improving the heat exchange efficiency of the inner circle of foreign design, clogging, no cleaning, reduce the workload of maintenance.

4, the drive system

Fan : For low-speed aluminum alloy fan cooling tower dedicated fan of high quality aluminum plate, fans are angle adjustable type, to meet customer requirements for technology and other aspects of wind turbine in front of the factory have been strict balance and positioning. .

Motor : Selection Closed Low noise cooling tower dedicated motor Protection class IP45, insulation class B grade, 380 (V) / 3ψ / 50 (HZ). Small size, light weight, vertical installation, positioning is simple, good starting performance, reliable operation, easy maintenance.

reducer : Compact, together with the static balance check, smooth running, low noise unique. Inverted installation, easy maintenance, noise and life Better than similar products, reducer design maintenance glib, easy routine maintenance.