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Heavy Duty Z5150 vertical drilling

Heavy Duty Z5150 vertical drilling
  • Heavy Duty Z5150 vertical drilling
  • Heavy Duty Z5150 vertical drilling
  • Heavy Duty Z5150 vertical drilling
  • Heavy Duty Z5150 vertical drilling
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Z5140 vertical drilling machine Z5150 type vertical drilling purpose and performance:

Type vertical drilling, is universal nature of general machine Vertical drilling machine can be used for drilling, reaming, countersink, face, drill countersunk holes, boring, tapping and other operations. Spindle tapping auto-reverse and jog feed, for blind holes and deep set extremely convenient. high vertical drilling machining efficiency, rigidity, high accuracy, low noise, wide speed range, operational focus, novel appearance, easy maintenance.

1: column, headstock, workbench, and other bulky chassis are made of high strength resin type alloy cast iron, the body wall thickness stringy stability, and after several aging, eliminate the internal stress of the casting make it more stable and rigid The design concept and type vertical drilling machine configuration higher than the national standard, ensuring very high rigidity and strength machine is running.

2: The spindle sleeve using high-density and high stiffness and alloy steel material, the precision grinding carburizing and nitriding depth guide square column, etc. are using high-frequency quenching depth, Machine Tool hardness ensure HRC55 or more extended. the life of the machine.

3: Super Audio depth hardening and carburizing gear: more wear-resistant, high hardness, low noise, all gear by CNC grinding machine processing, products to increase the direct reversing the spindle, more requirements for the hardness of the gear. To avoid fight tooth gear caused the collapse, the depth of the gear carburizing process, to ensure to provide customers with better quality products.

4: headstock, table and rectangular prism rail contact surfaces of artificial precision scraping and scraping techniques, scraping with a high density of contact points to ensure durability and stability of the machine work accuracy.

5: The machine tool brands used in all electrical machines manufacturer, to ensure the stability and security of the machine used.

Z5140 / Z5150 vertical drilling machine has the following characteristics:

1, the resistance of insurance, beyond the feed mechanism.

2, semi-automatic cycle processing.

3, set the cutting process is complete.

4, jog automatic feed.

5, automatic reversing tapping.

6, spindle emergency stop devices.

Z5140 / Z5150 vertical drilling parameters:

Maximum drilling diameter: 40 mm / 50mm

Main motor power: 3KW / 4KW

Spindle taper: Morse 4 / Morse 5

Spindle stroke: 250 mm

Headstock stroke: Manual 200mm

Spindle speeds and range: 12 31.5-1400 r / min

Spindle feed progression and range: 9 0.056-1.8 mm / r

Spindle feed force: 16000 N

Spindle allow maximum torque: 350 N.m

Spindle axis to guideway surface distance: 280 mm

Spindle nose to base surface distance: 750 mm

Table size: 560 * 480 mm

Worktable lifting range: 300mm

Net weight: 1370 KG / 1400KG

Dimensions (L * W * H): 1050 * 950 * 2470 mm

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