Precision CLK6150S slant bed CNC lathes, heavy cutting machine

Precision CLK6150S slant bed CNC lathes, heavy cutting machine

Product description:

CLK6150S slant bed CNC lathe is a high-precision, high-efficiency automated machine tools. Equipped with multi-station turret or power turret machine with a wide range of add on process performance, can be processed straight cylinder, cylinder slash, arcs, and various thread, groove, worm and other complex parts, with linear interpolation, circular interpolation various compensation, and played a good machining results in volume production of complex parts. This machine is suitable for shaft, disc-type high efficiency machining precision parts.

CLK6150S slant bed CNC lathe has the following characteristics:

Heavy body of high strength cast iron bred alloy resin, many aging treatment to eliminate stress.

Body with 45 ° high-strength cast iron slant bed, good stability and strong machine rigidity, chip and smooth.

High rigidity roller guides, precision grinding stage ball screw drive, high positioning precision machining.

Taiwan high-speed high-precision spindle unit rigidity, heat distortion is small, strong stability, maintenance-free.

Taiwan imports of hydraulic turret 10 stations, accurate tool change speed.

Taiwan hydraulic chuck and hydraulic tailstock, improve processing efficiency.

CLK6150S slant bed CNC lathe parameters:

Bed Maximum turning diameter: Φ500mm

The maximum machining diameter: Φ480mm

The maximum machining diameter on the turret: Φ320

Max length: 580mm

X-axis travel 250mm

Z axis travel 620mm

Distance between centers: 670mm

Hydraulic chuck Specifications: A2-8,8 inch

Main motor power: 15KW

Spindle speed: 3200rpm

Spindle through-hole diameter: Φ87mm

Bar port diameter: Φ72mm

X, Z axis motor connection: Direct

Turret: Hydraulic turret Taiwan

Knife median: 12 stations

Standard shank size: 25 * 25mm

Maximum boring bar size: Φ40

Tailstock sleeve diameter: Φ75mm

Sleeve travel: 120mm

Tailstock stroke: 670mm

Tailstock taper: Morse 5

Repeat positioning accuracy: 0.008

Net weight: 4.5 tons

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