720P 4*Zoom Image 3.5' TFT LCD Flexible Tube Industrial Endoscope Borescope

720P 4*Zoom Image 3.5' TFT LCD Flexible Tube Industrial Endoscope Borescope

Product description:

Product Description:

This product as mainstream industrial endoscope, which can meet the needs of industrial inspection, using

the ergonomic design,very popular by engineers an d maintenance workers. As handheld endoscope,it owns

right size,and battery weighs only 435 grams.

This feature-rich product that can take pictures, video, 4x zoom image functions. 720P HD output images,

comes with 2G internal memory card,with a 3.5-inch HD anti-glare TFT LCD display,it won't be affected by

ambient light sources. Equipped with a USB data cable, you can directly connect computer.

RA35V AV handheld industrial endoscope camera are equipped witwo types coils, which are a directly

8.0 mm(model RA3508V,effective workof 420,000 pixels) and a diameter of 5.5 mm (model RA3505V,and

effective work of 420,000 pixels).Camera with stainless steel package,window glass is wear-resistant high

transmittance packaging.

This product is used in camera modules based on company developed its own production,as core part

of endoscope and technology,company has its own intellectual property and credible quality assurance.

our company can provide a complete visual inspection of industrial equipment and solutions for you.

RALCAM Group owns Bangu Technology-Development Co.,Ltd,we are a creative electronics

company.focusing on Micro CMOS camera module, AV/USB industry endoscope and Personal

health care products.have in-house department for R&D,electronics and assembly,we provide

ONE-STOP service and manufactring for customers.