Factory outlets | Chengdu Horizontal FRPP water jet vacuum unit | polypropylene circulation vacuum unit

Factory outlets | Chengdu Horizontal FRPP water jet vacuum unit | polypropylene circulation vacuum unit

Product description:


FRPP horizontal water jet vacuum unit, small size, compact structure can move, low noise, low power consumption, high efficiency and ease of utilization. Moisture series jet vacuum unit, air consumption will be higher degree of vacuum, stable, use Convenience.

Horizontal legislation sets of plastic vacuum unit from corrosion pump, jet pump, buffer tank, tank, check valves, ball valves, pipe fittings and other components, are made of reinforced polypropylene material which is characterized by: a removable, easy to install, resistant rot, non-toxic, high vacuum, large displacement, reasonable structure, reliable operation can be pumping corrosive gases, steam jet pump used in tandem with a higher degree of vacuum, widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, food, brewing , metallurgy, environmental protection, and other industries in the laboratory vacuum absorption, vacuum filtration, vacuum concentration, vacuum drying, vacuum crystallization, vacuum conveying, vacuum oxygen vacuum oxygen and other processes.

Installation and Precautions

  • Before installation, you must carefully check all parts for loose fasteners, if loose Tighten must be corrected.

  • Power must be added before the pool is filled with water, open the pump inlet valve, non-slip and reverse dehydration to prevent damage to the mechanical seal and pump.

  • Before stopping to vent or vacuum was lowered 0.092Mpa following, and then shut down to prevent the vacuum is too high, suck easily damaged valve, (such as valve failure, open the valve cover, remove debris).

  • Soda series jet pump, the first open and then open steam, first off steam shutdown, and then shut down to prevent damage to the water injection pumps in the steam pipe installation, ensure not water in the pipeline, we must maintain the level, otherwise it will affect vacuum.

  • Pool circulating water temperature is too high, it will affect the displacement and vacuum needs to be replaced or supplemented water.

Horizontal machine-level model specifications