Factory outlets | PP vacuum gauge tank Chengdu | Sichuan hanging horizontal vacuum gauge tank corrosion

Factory outlets | PP vacuum gauge tank Chengdu | Sichuan hanging horizontal vacuum gauge tank corrosion

Product description:

(Polypropylene measuring tank)

The company PP, PVC is the material prepared vacuum metering tank, mainly used in chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, food, oil, printing and dyeing, metallurgy, environmental protection, light industry production, storage of materials, metering, buffering etc. equipment structure is divided into vertical and horizontal, which is divided into vertical vertical mounting ears and feet of vertical. Because of its many aspects of performance under the same conditions were better than other materials manufactured the device, and therefore has been widely applied to the above sectors of industrial production.

The current production specifications are: 0.1 cubic -5 cubic meters, special specifications can be designed and manufactured the device cylinder Φ500 (including Φ500) following standard chemical extrusion seamless tube production, more than Φ500 cylinder using plate welded machine. molding, this molding barrel higher strength than the strength of manual welds. by injection molding of overall head head Φ1200 this device (including Φ1200) less than .Φ1200 head made using molded welding.

Characteristics of polypropylene measuring tank
Operating pressure: negative -0.1MPa, positive pressure Φ500 (including Φ500) the following: ≤3Kg / cm2, Φ500 above: ≤1.5Kg / cm2
Operating temperature: PP -10 ℃ ~ 100 ℃, PVC -10 ℃ ~ 65 ℃
Product Benefits

1, the operating pressure: negative -0.1MPa.

2, corrosion resistance, easy operation and long life.

3, Operating temperature: PP-10 ~ 110, PVC-40 ~ 65.

4, light weight: for equipment transportation, installation and maintenance are more convenient.

1, as the device is made of PP, PVC plastics, more brittle, so in transit non-collision, extrusion and other heavy equipment of behavior detrimental to, to gently; light hanging light should be put in place, the installation should slowly tightening bolts of the components, in order to avoid damage to the equipment.
2, should avoid contact with the flame.
3, in use should be preceded by irrigation pressure test, observe the nipple and cylinder leaks, pipe connection for ground fault phenomena, in no abnormalities observed then put into production use.