Factory outlets | leakproof container IBC tons of barrels | acid-proof tons of barrels | double hob Chemical tons of barrels

Factory outlets | leakproof container IBC tons of barrels | acid-proof tons of barrels | double hob Chemical tons of barrels

Product description:

GB tons of barrels, external dimensions: 1200mm * 1000mm * 1150mm; total weight of 60KG ± 1KG packagings made of HDPE, the outer frame for high-quality galvanized pipe welded together by high-precision brake of the device has a very content. good anti-acid corrosion, is the ideal liquid storage and transportation equipment.

product comparison

1, compared with drums, IBC container barrel can save 35% of storage space. Its dimensions in accordance with national ISO standard design for easy operation principle of a static four empty drums can be piled high, and in any conventional manner Transportation . IBC container barrels can be used repeatedly, in the filling, storage and transport more clearly reflect the greatly reduced its outstanding advantages and costs.

2, from the configuration design point of view, its top with DN150 mouth filling, canned fast, time-saving, bottom with discharge valve and diversion pipe, the raw material can be directly released at the same time, this bucket comes convenient loading and unloading of the truck chassis, which greatly reduces the manual handling of trouble, only more quickly and efficiently, but also more secure.


The company's IBC container barrel content uses quality HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) material, the outer sheath of galvanized steel pipe welding automation equipment through tight fixed grid.

Product Benefits

1, the main raw material good tank IBC tons of barrels used for 4570UV high density polyethylene (HDPE), is tasteless, odorless, non-toxic granular product. It has good heat resistance and cold resistance, hardness, tensile strength , electrical insulation and toughness are good, but also has good chemical stability at room temperature is almost insoluble in any organic solvents, resistant to many acids, alkali and salt corrosion solution, and also has excellent resistance to environmental stress cracking and thermal stress cracking resistance, high surface hardness, good dimensional stability.
2, the frame is made of Anshan Iron and Steel Company production S250GD + Z / DX53D steel, processed by automatic bending equipment from the frame and the tray reference to foreign patented design, reasonable structure, good reliability, the outer frame and pallet thermal treatment, Redu Zinc technology. Therefore, the entire frame light weight, good toughness, excellent anti-accidental falls and heavy container stacking performance to meet Class II hazardous chemicals in the shipping requirements. vessel equipped with an adjustable valve (or butterfly), convenient and reliable liquid discharge .
3, the valve body is made of HDPE, the sphere of PP, chemical compatibility, the valve seal is EPDM rubber mixing rubber (EPDM), another ETFE, PE, NBR rubber and other materials to choose from. Particular requirements for valve discharge port as a standard screw thread S60 * 6, and with adapters for customers to choose, can discharge port thread S60 * 6 converted into US 2'NPS fine pitch thread and quick connectors, to meet customer unloading .

Product Usage

Widely used in a variety of chemical, pharmaceutical, printing and Ⅱ and Ⅲ class of liquid hazardous chemicals, packaging, but also for liquid food packaging.


Filling density IBC container barrel of a maximum of 1.9, in filling the cargo density is less than 1.5, can be stacking two layers; density greater than 1.5, can be stacking one layer, fully loaded container barrel static maximum stacking height up to 4 layers.


1, the container contents can be selected according to the requirements of different valves and interfaces, convenient and reliable liquid discharge, less residual liquid, easy to clean, more environmentally friendly.

2, the container can be equipped with the charging port lid is equipped with efficient exhaust, avoid overpressure condition due to the shipment of the liquid medium caused by decomposition or evaporation, to ensure safety.

3, the entire container is a modular design, accidentally damaged components can be replaced with similar products compatibility, extending the life cycle of the container, reduce costs and meet several cans, storage and transportation needs.

4, the wall thickness distribution, equipment containing axial wall thickness control means 300 points and 300 points radial wall thickness control device to ensure uniform thickness of the tank wall, improve product strength.

5, more than 2mm thick steel beam center, improved product steel to ensure transport safety.

6, with integrated test chassis to provide exceptional stability and tight protection of packagings; with materials can be super easy to discharge and the characteristics of long-term use, without exception, all components can fix update, to meet repeatedly filling, storage and transportation needs.

7, specially produced for multiple use, very conducive to environmental protection;

8, tapping not only convenient, fast, thorough, safe and more convenient for cleaning, can be repeated use of working capital, help protect the environment, is environmentally friendly products;

9, the products have been drop test, airtightness test, hydraulic test, load test.

The company introduced the world's advanced technology and equipment, specializing in the production of IBC tons of barrels loaded, multi-tons barrels, dark tons of barrels, antistatic tons of barrels, explosion tons of barrels, special tons of barrels, the outer frame for high-quality galvanized pipe D51, Equipped with a variety of specifications and models of ball valves, butterfly valves, etc., can fully meet the different needs of customers. Welcome to inquire!