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Hand hook summer summer sun hat straw hat beach hat sun hat holiday straw hat can be folded along the big cap

Hand hook summer summer sun hat straw hat beach hat sun hat holiday straw hat can be folded along the big cap
Product code: 26853100030
Unit price 6.08-7.68$
Sold quantity 4030
Available stock 775

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: Spring 2015
  • Applicable scene: travel
  • Applicable to: middle-aged youth
  • Style: sun hat
  • Size: Free (stock)
  • Cap top style: dome
  • Hat style: big eaves
  • Eaves: flat eaves
  • Main material: straw
  • Crowd: female
  • Brand: heart show
  • Style: elegant
  • Style details: light body
  • Color classification: E khaki color D color beige C models beige A card khaki with flowers round round with the same section A beige with the first flower flowers C models beige with decorative wreath E paragraph khaki with decorative wreath B beige
  • Item No .: 20140316
  • Applicable season: Summer
  • Applicable age: 20-24 years old 25-29 years old 30-34 years old 35-39 years old 40-59 years old

Blowing the breeze, you can smell the faint grass.

Rough and fine feel is the straw hat from the nature of the lines.

Mayflower grass,

I want to wear it to those flowers and branches of the grass to put their own figure to stay in the wilderness ...

Goubian popular straw hat with a dress, retro fashion, retro range of children want to be fashionable, to choose a round straw hat it, shape plus points Oh!

Big brim hat of the rural feeling is not only beautiful, sunscreen effect is good.

This hat is not only suitable for the seaside holiday

Usually shopping with a good match

Belong to the more temperament of the straw hat

A little bit of petty bourgeoisie feelings

And a little playful

Imagine wearing a straw hat on the street beach

That feeling is really unparalleled

This hat is handmade hook flowers., Retro, rustic pastoral sense.

Material is a good papyrus, texture Shu, soft, light, easy to deformation ~ ~

Handmade Dongdong shipments are very slow Oh, the spot is not much, start to fast Oh,

'Material' paper grass weaving,

detail: Cap body most of the delicate crochet, can be a good shade, high quality but very low-key!

Cap depth: 10cm

Hat size: 12 cm

Can be folded

Cap circumference: the outside 58cm are suitable for head circumference 58CM or less