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Shadows Shadows Hoodies Women's Summer Anti-UV Riding Dyed Foldable Sunbank Top

Shadows Shadows Hoodies Women's Summer Anti-UV Riding Dyed Foldable Sunbank Top
Product code: 26851500030
Unit price 4.63$
Sold quantity 8001
Available stock 1949

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: spring and summer of 2017
  • Whether the mall with the paragraph: yes
  • Applicable scene: travel
  • Applicable to: middle-aged couples young couple
  • Style: sun hat
  • Size: adjustable
  • Cap top style: empty top
  • Hat style: plus long eaves
  • Eaves: curling
  • Main material: other
  • Crowd: female
  • Brand: crown master
  • Style: street
  • Style details: light body
  • Color Mirror: UV mirror light blue sky UV mirror - orange orange UV mirror - orange gray UV mirror - pink rice white light card its UV mirror - gray UV mirror - white white UV mirror yellow white light pink UV mirror - light purple UV Mirror - Purple Flax Blackmask Pink UV Mirror Rose Blue Hemp Brown Cap Light Beige UV Mirror - Sky Blue Linen Beige Beige UV Mirror - Dark Red UV Mirror - Red
  • Item No .: GZY079
  • Applicable season: summer
  • Applicable age: 20-24 years old 25-29 years old 30-34 years old 35-39 years old 40-59 years old

Zipper empty top 2 version

Hat: 13.7cm

Adjustable cap circumference : 55-59cm

Some remote areas do not include: Qinghai, Ningxia, Gansu, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Tibet, Hong Kong, Macao and overseas

UV mirror version

Hat : 12cm

Elastic Adjustable cap circumference : 55-58cm

The summer of summer is prohibitive for the outdoors
Worried about being tanned
Worried about long spot
Worried about sweating, not make-up
An effective way to find a protective weapon
Sun umbrella, unrealistic
Which is the big eaves on the OK, simple and easy to carry!
There is a good decorative effect!
Designed for summer ladies outdoor design

Plus long eaves 13.7cm, very long Oh, not the general eaves!
For you in the sun to create a cool
Lengthened at the same time widening eaves, wide at 30cm
Fully shelter summer sun!
Widening eaves can be more comprehensive cover the face, increase the protection area!
Give you a cool

Crown master design

Increase the eaves

Empty top shade dual use

Velcro paste paste adjustment

Removable wind rope

Can be folded

Butterfly also like oh, be careful butterfly with a hat to run!
A nice hat oh
Such as the rain under the light of the butterfly

No longer worry about UV damage
Completely blocked

Do not worry about going outdoors

The brims are thickened
Using lightweight fabrics

The overall weight did not increase

Simple and convenient conversion cap type
Plus long eaves empty cap, plus long eaves hat
Your choice of your own change
Like empty top to empty top
Like the big eaves on the big eaves

UV mirror version