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Double table CNC horizontal boring and milling machining center

Double table CNC horizontal boring and milling machining center
  • Double table CNC horizontal boring and milling machining center
  • Double table CNC horizontal boring and milling machining center
  • Double table CNC horizontal boring and milling machining center
  • Double table CNC horizontal boring and milling machining center
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Duplex Horizontal Machining Center For more information:

HMC series duplex horizontal machining center spindle speed, rigidity, large torque spindle with a cooling system, dual table is automatically rotated exchange, reduce the auxiliary time and improve efficiency. The complete series of machine performance, accuracy and stability for in processing all types of housing parts and the two-dimensional, three-dimensional surface, machinery, automobile, shipbuilding, textile machinery, printing machinery, agricultural machinery and other industries processing box-type parts of key equipment.

Main features

HMC630 Horizontal Machining Center, is one of a series of high-tech mechanical and electrical integration products. Our company's newly developed. This horizontal machining center wide range of applications, superior performance, reasonable price, with high cost performance. Its main features as follows:

1, advanced mechanical design

The use of advanced CAD computer-aided design system to complete the optimal design.

The main components manufactured using three-dimensional virtual means to improve design quality.

2, the main transmission system contains both high-speed

This machine adopts Japan FANUC digital AC spindle servo motor and German imports ZF gearbox (1: 1 and 1: 4) two gears shift, and by toothed belt drive to high speed spindle unit, a wide range of spindle continuously variable transmission, maximum speed reaches 6000rpm, low speed and constant torque can reach 382NM / 470NM (continuous / 30 min)

A separate oil cooling system, high-speed spindle unit and ZF gearbox cooling cycle. Ensure that the main drive system to maintain a constant temperature, so as to ensure the maintenance of a stable working accuracy.

Machine comes with low pressure air cleaning system, a tool change spindle center blowing air from, the tool shank clean, extend spindle life.

3, a good structural rigidity

Machine main base casting (including bed, column, headstock, etc.) made of high strength cast iron alloy resin material with excellent mechanical stability and heat resistance, strength, or when the machine is heavy intermittent cutting, with excellent shock absorption .

Machine bed as a whole T-type structure, double-wall column for the frame structure, the use of thin-walled reasonable stringy structure, casting good rigidity. Germany with resin sand molding new technology to meet the design requirements, so that the machine has high structural rigidity .

4, superior transmission performance

Rational allocation of transmission parts, body upright in bed as X T-mobile, T-stage in the bed as the Z-direction, the spindle box in the middle column frame for Y-direction.

Three-axis AC servo motor with high efficiency, high torque, coupling and directly coupled precision ball screw, even under heavy load, but also to avoid any elastic deformation and improve the machine tool positioning accuracy and repeatability.

A ball screw and nut preload, while installing a pre-stretching improves the rigidity of the servo drive system, to overcome the positional deviation caused by thermal expansion of the screw, ensure that the machine precision. Each feed direction configuration Quick Response digital AC servo motors, moving fast.

Three are used to feed roller linear guide, slider using the most advanced self-lubricating environmentally friendly manner.

5, two-table to improve processing efficiency

Servo-driven workbench for the fourth axis (B-axis) rotary movement with hydraulic clamping end tooth plate 360 ​​* 10 Positioning the workpiece maximum load of 1.2 tons.

Table to table in the form of dual rotatable exchange machine in the process to make another table chucking parts, a large number of shorter working time machine.

6, ATC reliable, adequate capacity magazine

Taiwan Sheng Yu produced magazine chain cam, cam drive mechanism, ATC accurate and reliable, simple tool change, tool speed.

Knife storage capacity of 40, can be arbitrarily selected tool. ATC way back to near two-way, non-cutting time saving enables continuous processing of high efficiency.

7, extensive use of imported components, ensuring high accuracy and reliability of the machine

Including imported CNC system, high-speed spindle assembly, magazine, rotary table, hydraulic pump stations, such as whole parts, including ZF gearbox, ball screws, couplings, feed bearings, pneumatic components, linear guides, oil cooler imports, wear seals and other key parts of the machine to ensure high accuracy and reliability.

8, pleasant good machine operator

Use by professional sheet metal factory production of fully enclosed protective cover.

Comply with safety regulations and user-friendly interface, easy to operate.

Strong and large flow cooling system punch debris, tools and fixtures to meet the cooling requirements and red chips and chip automatic transmission device is configured so that chip removal and transportation is very convenient.

9, the machine is equipped with foreign famous brand control system, superior performance, reliable operation

Adopts FANUC Oi-MD control system, full-featured, reliable performance, easy operation, users at home and abroad have been widely adopted. Motion and Machine Tool and each axis using advanced AC servo drive system, with a small torque ripple, precision high reliability, strong anti-jamming capability, fast response and so on.

The main technical parameters




Table travel X, Y, Z




Table size




Maximum table load




Table indexing



Table positioning accuracy



Repeat positioning accuracy table



Fast forward speed

m / min



Spindle speed




Spindle torque




Shank form



Spindle front bearing bore




Spindle motor power




Tool storage capacity


40 (chain)

40 (chain)

Tool Weight




Positioning accuracy (X, Y, Z)


± 0.0025 JIS

± 0.0025 JIS

Repeat positioning accuracy (X, Y, Z)


± 0.0015 JIS

± 0.0015 JIS

Total Weight




Standard configuration:

FANUC 0i MD CNC system

Taiwan 40 chain magazine

Automatic chip removal system

Select Configuration:

Siemens 828D CNC system

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