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UPS uninterruptible power supply SANTAK Hills C6KS 6KVA / 5400W delay 30 minutes | half an hour

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Product parameters:

  • Condition: New
  • Brand: SANTAK / Hills
  • Model: C6KS

Product Name: Shenzhen Hills SANTAK C6KS 6000VA 4800W delay 30 minutes a set

Configuration list: Hills C6KS host 1, 12V17AH battery 16, 12V17AH battery 16 battery box 1

Warranty: Host Genius, three years free warranty, the battery year Baohuan

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Series C6K (S) ~ 3C20KS dual conversion pure online architecture, is the most effective solution to all power problems of the architecture design, the power grid appears: power, the mains voltage is too high or too low, the voltage drop or decrease instantly Voltage fluctuation, surge voltage, harmonic distortion, clutter interference, frequency fluctuation and other conditions can provide a good solution for the user load to provide a safe and reliable power supply protection.

Technical Parameters:

Castle series C6K (S)~ 3C20KS Is a powerful adaptable, flexible configuration of the product. The use of advanced DSP Digital control technology to effectively improve product performance and system reliability, and to achieve higher power density of the integration and miniaturization.At the same time in order to meet all the needs of individual users, Castle Series C6K (S) ~ 3C20KS Provides a very rich scalable features, the user can be flexibly configured according to need.

Adapt to China's power grid environment

Output power factor 0.8- Suitable for the development trend of load, to achieve a stronger load capacity. Machine efficiency up to 90%, Decreased ups Of the power loss, saving the user's cost.Using active power factor correction technology (PFC ), Close to the input power factor 1, Significantly reducing the pollution of the electricity grid.Coping with the requirements of China's power grid design, providing a wide input voltage range, can adapt to the harsh grid environment; excellent input frequency range ups Able to adapt to different power supply equipment such as generators.

Flexible configuration, due to need to change

Online maintenance function: can carry on the on-line maintenance safely under the condition of continuous power supply of the load Long-distance power failure function (long-distance power supply function)EPO ): When an emergency occurs, you can quickly turn off ups . Parallel components: to achieve parallel expansion and parallel redundancy, to provide users with flexibility and more secure power protection. Dustproof components: Improve the product in the industrial environment of the dust level. Isolation transformer: to provide users with isolation protection. *Specific configuration, please contact the company's various branches of the company's business

Miniaturization, low noise

The use of advanced control technology and manufacturing processes, greatly enhance the product's power density, reduce product footprint, in today's high cost of office space, for you to save valuable space while the machine is running low noise, maintaining your quiet working environment.

Intelligent management

Intelligent battery management: the use of advanced intelligent charging control, according to the type of battery and battery usage to choose the best charging mode, so that the battery life can be extended, and regularly do the battery charge and discharge management, and can be based on Need to freely select the battery voltage (192VOr 240V). Users can query and set the appropriate ups Control parameters, to achieve ups Of the intelligent management of automatic identification and adaptation 50 / 60Hz Power supply system to meet the requirements of different power systems. Perfect fault protection and alarm functions: to provide input and output over-voltage or undervoltage, battery overcharge or low voltage, overload, short circuit, etc. Complete fault protection and clear alarm, fault alarm .

High reliability

The use of advanced DSP Digital control technology, product performance is better, more stable and reliable quality. Load and overload capacity, load compatibility, and can be applied to a variety of different types of load. Strong anti-interference ability, in line with IEC61000-4For the strict requirements of anti-electromagnetic interference, to your equipment to provide a clean power environment.

Rich communication and monitoring

provide RS232Communication interface, can be used for local or remote power management. Provide smart slots (Intelligent Slot), The user can load the company's special needs WebPower CardSNMP Card), CMC card, AS400Card (dry contact card) to achieve remote management and monitoring functions.

Technical Data Sheet

*1Product model is divided into standard and professional version (-P), Professional Edition with online repair and EPO And other functions. *2According to the actual needs of users can be adjusted to20pcs battery.

Hills is committed to scientific and technological innovation, and constantly provide better products for customer needs, product design, technical specifications of the update without notice. Products to prevail in kind.

Shan special standardized service system

Hill special rooted in China more than 20 years, uphold 'Quality first, and strive to customer satisfaction ' The establishment of a comprehensive, high-quality, standardized customer service system. 800-830-3938, 400-830-3938Free consultation telephone, the first time for the user Q & A; pre-sale, Hill has a first-class technical team to the user's power environment and equipment requirements, to provide personalized power solutions; ups After the sale, the mountain will send professionals for the user to conduct practical training and many other aspects, and maintain close contact with the user, at any time to respond to user requirements.Service stations throughout the country will regularly for the user's equipment testing and maintenance. Users in the use of the product, any problems encountered, Hills guarantee 48Hour response, and provide timely and high-quality maintenance services.
Over the years, Sant has been that customers provide first-class services to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises as the goal, with the industry's good reputation and distribution units established a good and close relations of cooperation, training a large number of well-trained professional and technical services personnel , The service system is being perfected at present has been established in the country 8A maintenance and spare parts center, the major, the city has 33Directly under the customer service stations, maintenance outlets have reached 84One, Hills special service footprints all over the country.
In addition, Hill also set up in Shenzhen, the country's largest technical training center, technical staff around the regular professional training and strict examination. At present, each of the authorized maintenance engineers are authorized for each repair outlets, in addition to equipped with first-class Maintenance, testing equipment, the more long-term with adequate maintenance spare parts, comprehensive services to ensure high-quality, high efficiency.
Three-year warranty
, The purchase of Hills ups And batteries purchased from the Hills Corporation (used in mountain special long delay ups On) can enjoy a three-year warranty service.
, More than the warranty period ups , Customers can still enjoy the company's perfect after-sales service Hills.
In order to users in a timely manner, easy access to after-sales service, Hills ups No matter where you buy Santo ups , Can be to your nearest customer service department or service station and have joined UNPROFOR authorized dealer for service
Inspection services
Shan special customer service personnel will be based on user needs inspection services, the sale ups Maintenance and repair, identify problems, on-site settlement.
Inspection content
Detection of power supply environment and ups The use of
provide ups The use of the report
Site answers to questions and user training
provide ups Optional proposal
All over the country's service network
Each service station is equipped with a wealth of practical experience and professional skills of the maintenance staff, and adequate product spare parts to solve the remote areas and traffic problems of the maintenance of the user's network address please click here.
24Hour service hotline
Hill opened 800, 400Free hotline, user-friendly services, products, technology, business and other issues for consultation; users can call the hotline at any time to address in the ups Purchase, use and maintenance of the process encountered in the relevant issues.
Provide website consultation /Expert answers mailbox; Expert mailbox: StkService @ eatoncom
Service Hotline: 800-830-3938, 400-830-3938
Hour rapid response system (limit 6KVA the above)
(Including) the above machine failure, as long as you and the mountain company to get in touch, the city 24Hour response, field 48Hour response, enjoy the mountain fast and accurate professional services.

(For the specific requirements of industry users, the company may be Hills on specific projects to provide special service commitments. Hills special commitment to the above services have the final interpretation)

As the leading UPS brand in China, the products and services of SANTAI have been praised by the industry. Many users have been impressed by the quality of products and the meticulous spirit of service after they have used the products, and become the permanent users. May have destroyed the reputation of the brand in recent years has been repeatedly counterfeit, which makes a lot of prospective buyers can not easily shot, casually search the Internet to find the word, , There will be more than a dozen with 'Hill' words of the brand.First of all should be clear, Hills full name of the companyHills , Other types of UPS on the market are not the products of SANTAI ELECTRONICS (SHENZHEN) CO., LTD. Under the trademark of 'XX SANTA', 'SANTA XX', 'XXSANTAK', 'SANTAKXX', 'XSTK' or 'STKUPS'.


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Related Questions and Answers:

First, I should be equipped with what kind ups?
Depending on the situation of the device, the environment in which it is used, and the intended purpose of power protection, it is possible to select a suitable ups ; For example, the built-in switching power supply of low-power equipment can generally use back-up ups , In the more environmentally friendly places should be used online interactive or online ups , And not allowed to have interrupted time or time requirements of sine wave AC equipment, you can only use online ups.
Second, I should be equipped with more power ups?
First of all, to determine how much power your device is, in general, ordinary PC Machine or IPC power in the 200WAround the Mac 300W, The server in the 300Wversus 600W, The power value of other equipment can refer to the equipment manual.
Second should be understood ups Of the rated power in two ways: apparent power (unit VA ) And the actual output power (units W), Due to the presence of reactive power so this difference, the conversion relationship between the two: apparent power *Power factor =Actual output power
Back-up, online interactive power factor in the 0.5versus 0.7Between the on-line power factor is generally0.8.
To the equipment ups Should be ups Of the actual output power to match the basis of some dealers intentionally or unintentionally will be confused (VA ) versus (W) The difference, this point to draw the user's attention.

three, ups What is the length of spare time to decide?
By ups Of the energy storage device is determined, now ups Generally sealed with a maintenance-free lead-acid batteries as energy storage devices, battery size by the size of the 'Ampere HoursAH ) ' This indicator reflects the meaning of the discharge time according to the provisions of the current. The same voltage of the battery, the large number of large capacity; the same number of hours of battery, high voltage capacity, usually voltage and ampere hours common Indicates the capacity of the battery, eg 12V / 7AH , 12V / 24AH , 12V / 65AH , 12V / 100AH.
Backup type ups General built-in 4AH or 7AH Of the battery, the standby time is fixed; online and online interactive ups There are built-in 7AH Battery standard models, but also with large-capacity battery outside the long-term models, the user can be achieved according to the standby time to determine how much capacity with the battery.
Battery is ups Of the important part of the possession of a large proportion of the value, and its quality is directly related to the quality of ups Of the normal use, it should be carefully selected quality assurance genuine battery.

four, ups What kind of points?
According to the working principle is divided into reserve type, online and online interactive three categories:
Backup type ups Is our most commonly used, it has an automatic voltage regulator, power protection ups Most basic and most important function, although generally have 10ms About the conversion time, the inverter output AC is square wave instead of sine wave, but because of the simple structure and has the advantages of cheap, high reliability, it is widely used in computers, peripherals, POS Machine and other fields;
Online ups The structure is more complex, but the performance is perfect, can solve all power problems, its notable features is the ability to continuously zero output pure sinusoidal AC alternating current, to solve the spikes, surges, frequency drift and all the power; due to the larger Investment, usually used in critical equipment and network centers and other demanding environments on the power;
Modular ups And tradition ups Compared to many advantages, on behalf of ups Of the direction of development, but there are still high cost, the actual reliability of some products is not as high theoretical value, but the safety factor has been far more than the traditional ups ; For modularity ups Of the study will be conducive to promoting the modularity of the reliability increase, thereby enhancing the modular ups In the customer recognition, to speed up the modular ups development of.


1) ups The use of the environment should pay attention to good ventilation, conducive to heat, and maintain the environment clean.
) Do not bring inductive loads, such as Dianchao Ji, fluorescent lamps, air conditioning, so as to avoid damage.
) ups The output load is controlled at 60%Left and right for the best, the highest reliability.
) ups The load is too light (eg 1000VA of ups band 100VA Load) may cause the battery depth of discharge, will reduce the battery life, should be avoided.
) Appropriate discharge, contribute to the activation of the battery, such as long-term non-stop electricity, every three months should be used to cut off electricity ups With a load discharge time, so you can extend the battery life.
) For most small ups , To work and then open ups , Boot to avoid start with the load, get off work should be closed ups ; For the network room ups , Since most networks are 24Hours of work, so ups Must also be running around the clock.
) ups After the discharge should be promptly charged to avoid the battery due to excessive self-discharge and damage.