UPS uninterruptible power supply | line | Rack C3KR standard machine 3KVA / 2.1KW height 4U

UPS uninterruptible power supply | line | Rack C3KR standard machine 3KVA / 2.1KW height 4U

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Condition: New
  • Brand: VSASVNTEK
  • Model: C3KR

Name: Rack UPS Power Type: C3KR

Power: 3KVA / 2.1KW Quantity: two sets (one UPS host and a battery pack)

Performance: The battery pack is included, rack (network cabinets dedicated) 4U height

Warranty: UPS host Paul three years, Genius year battery warranty

Factory Suppliers: Foshan City, Tai Qi Feng Electronics Co., Ltd.

Technical Parameters
  • Applications: Office | room | industrial environments
  • Input and output: single into a single
  • Power: C1KR (S) -C10KR (S)
  • C1KR (S) -C10KR (S) is a powerful adaptable, flexible configuration of products using advanced DSP digital control technology to effectively enhance the product performance and system reliability, and higher power density integration and small of the same time in order to meet all individual needs of users, providing a wealth of scalable features, users can be flexibly configured as needed.

    To adapt to China power grid environment
    0.7 output power factor suitable for the development trend of the load to achieve greater load capacity.
    Overall efficiency up to 90%, reduce power consumption UPS, saving the user's cost.
    Active power factor correction (PFC), input power factor close to 1, greatly reduce the pollution of the city electricity grid.
    Deal with Chinese grid requirements designed to provide a wide input voltage range, can adapt to harsh grid Transformation;
    Excellent input frequency range makes UPS to adapt to different power generators and other equipment.

Flexible configuration, due to the need to change
Extensive expansion capabilities, to meet customer demand.
Line maintenance function: secure online service under load continuous power supply situation.
Remote power function (EPO): When an emergency occurs, you can quickly turn off UPS.
Dust components: upgrade products in the industrial environment, dust levels.
Isolation transformer: to provide users with isolation protection.

Miniaturization, low noise
The use of advanced control technology and manufacturing processes, greatly enhance the product of the power density, reducing the product footprint in today's high cost of office space, saving you valuable space while the machine is running low noise, maintain your quiet working environment.

Intelligent Management
Intelligent battery management: the use of advanced intelligent charge control mode, depending on the battery type and battery status to select the optimal charging, the battery life is extended, and periodic automatic battery charge and discharge management and can do.
Users may need to query and set the appropriate UPS control parameters for intelligent UPS management.
Automatically identify and adapt to 50 / 60Hz power supply system to meet the requirements of different power systems.
Complete fault protection and alarm functions: to provide input, output overvoltage or undervoltage, overcharge or battery low voltage, overload, short circuit, such as a complete failure protection and clear alarm and fault warning function.

High reliability
The use of advanced DSP digital control technology, superior product performance, quality is more stable and reliable ..
Load and overload, load compatibility, can be applied to different types of loads.
Strong anti-jamming capability, in line with IEC61000-4 anti-electromagnetic interference for the stringent requirements for your equipment to provide clean power environment.

Rated Capacity 1KVA 2KVA 3KVA 6KVA
enter Power Factor ≥0.98 (full load)
Voltage (115-300) VAC (176-276) VAC
frequency (47-45) HZ
Export Voltage 220 (1 ± 3%) VAC
frequency Synchronized with the mains (AC mode), 50 ± 0.5% (battery mode)
Overload 47 seconds load> 11% in 25 seconds load> 300 msec 150% load> 200% 105-130% 1300% or more 10 minutes 1 minute
* Number of output format Universal seat * 2 Universal seat * 2 * 1 terminal block
battery Number of Batteries 3PCS 6PCS 8PCS 20PCS
type of battery Valve-regulated lead-acid battery card
External Battery 36V 72V 96V 192V
Conversion time Zero interrupt
Alarm sound led The load section lights, battery-powered lights, UPS operating status indicator
Battery discharge When a sound every 4 seconds, when the electricity is restored mains abnormal, can automatically restart
UPS abnormal Sounding
Automatic restart When a sound every 4 seconds, when the electricity is restored mains abnormal, can automatically restart
Operating environment Temperature 0 ℃ -40 ℃, at 20% -90%
Weight (NW) KG host 16.3KG 9.1KG 10.3KG 11.5KG 11.2KG 12.3KG 18.3KG 19.5KG
Dimensions W * D * HMM Host computer 482.6*450*88 482.6*600*130
Battery Module 482.6*450*88 482.6*600*130