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UPS uninterruptible power supply SANTAK Hills C2KS 2KVA / 1600W delay 30 minutes | half an hour

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Product parameters:

  • Condition: New
  • Brand: SANTAK / Hills
  • Model: C2KS delay for half an hour

Product Name: Shenzhen Hills SANTAK C2KS 2000VA 1600W delay 30 minutes a set

Configuration checklist: Hill C2KS host 1, 12V17AH battery 6, 12V17AH battery 6, a battery box

Warranty: Host Genius, three years free warranty, the battery year Baohuan

Host size: 393 * 190 * 328mm Battery cabinet size: 540 * 210 * 230mm

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SANTAK / SANTAK uninterruptible power supply power and time configuration table

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1) The use of the UPS environment should pay attention to good ventilation, which will help heat, and keep the environment clean.
2) Do not bring inductive loads, such as Dianchao Ji, fluorescent, air conditioning, so as to avoid damage.
3) UPS output load control at about 60% for the best, the highest reliability.
4) UPS with a light load (such as 1000VA of the UPS with 100VA load) may cause the battery depth of discharge, will reduce the battery life, should be avoided.
5) appropriate discharge, contribute to the activation of the battery, such as the long-term non-stop electricity, every three months should be cut off the city with a load with a discharge, so you can extend the battery life.
6) For most small UPS, work to re-open the UPS, boot to avoid starting with the load, get off work should be shut down UPS; for the network room UPS, as most of the network is 24 hours, so UPS must also run around the clock.
7) UPS discharge should be promptly charged, to avoid damage due to excessive self-discharge battery.