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10Gigabit Data Center Switch UK6500-24HC

10Gigabit Data Center Switch UK6500-24HC
  • 10Gigabit Data Center Switch UK6500-24HC
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• • High density 10G access, performance is remarkable

(1) with 480Gbps backplane capacity, the industry the highest performance (1U TOR) ;
(2) hardware routing, the packet forwarding rate of the wire speed layer 3 switching has reached 360.092Mpps, L2 / L3 full speed forwarding;
(3) 24 10Gb optical ports, the highest density (1U TOR) , meet the demand of high-density 10G server access.
• • Convenient Maintenance
(1) able to be managed via Web, SNMP, etc
(2) support XModem protocol, use TFTP/ ZMODEM for software upgrading and BootRom upgrading
(3) support SFP+, simultaneously downward compatible XFP
(4) support flexible port configuration
• • Powerful Flow and Broadcast Management
(1) automatically detect and control broadcast storm, support IGMP packets detection, effectively limit the flooding of broadcast packets.
(2) support Ethernet interface taking 1M as the step length for rate limiting
• • Safe and Reliable
(1) provide DOS, DDOS, spoofing and virus defense
(2) support IEEE802.1x, provide port-based user authentication, network shield, safety control, and policy control technology
(3) restrict the maximum number of hosts connected with the port, multi-binding Ethernet interface , increasing bandwidth and system redundancy