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Radiation Headset

Radiation Headset
  • Radiation Headset
  • Radiation Headset
  • Radiation Headset
  • Radiation Headset
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Minimum order: 2000
Other info: Black White Blue Transparent
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  • Brand: DX

  • Model: DX-025

  • Appearance Type: earbud

  • Technology Category: Capacitive

  • Transmission: catheter

  • Sensitivity: 102dB

  • Cable length: 120cm

Product Name: Radiation Headset (universal universal headset)


Radiation Headset, reliable mobile phone radiation, is still clearly hear the sound when the handset using the principle of sound transmission pipeline (the stethoscope principle), the phone away from the head, with the already high sensitivity microphone can normally call the phone. Due to the use of non-metallic hose so not as induced by metal wires microwave phone conduction emission in the ear hole like ordinary headphones.

The product is soft and flexible, so there is a good feel without significant surplus. Earpiece link hose with the phone is via a small sheet of transparent adhesive bonding, there is no hard plug connections so inconspicuous It is suitable for installation in any type of paste (candy bar, clamshell, slider) any brands and models of mobile phones (including walkie-talkie) port on the handset, can be directly listen to music, talk.


1, easy to carry.

2, duct acoustic exclude the interference of outside noise, more original way than voice calls, and more clearly.

3, earplugs soft and comfortable and convenient, strong buffer to reduce the sound of the eardrum damage.

4, catheter using imported raw materials, high transparency, high elasticity, ultra-durable.

Product installation and use:

When using radiation headset, the first self-adhesive protective film opened, the handset pressed fully aligned with the nozzle seal affixed to live in order to avoid sound leakage, you can dial the normal phone call (if it is used for listening to music, will be posted on the disk snapping to align bell, when the bell tone if the phone is available too good other single plastic sealed so as not to affect the results sound leakage). Call the earplugs into the ear canal and then phone in the mouth at the front or chest 15-60cm can be normal calls. phone hung on the chest pocket or coat hands free to do other work can be.

Mobile phone radiation on the human body:

Mobile phone radiation cause DNA breaks in human cells, malignant cells, leading to brain glioma, acoustic neuroma, eye cancer, uveal melanocytes large numbers of cancer cases. Phones transmit power causes heat necrosis of brain cells, leading to memory loss, headaches , dizziness, tinnitus. hearing disorder, mental concentration, insomnia, depression and other symptoms of neurasthenia.

Micro waves emitted from mobile phones at a certain intensity of side effects on the human body by breaking chemical bonds.

Currently the World Health Organization emphasized the use of mobile phones must be equipped with radiation device! No radiation device equipped handsets prohibited sales!