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Auto Cooling Healthy Seat Cushion (Simple Type)

Auto Cooling Healthy Seat Cushion (Simple Type)
  • Auto Cooling Healthy Seat Cushion (Simple Type)
  • Auto Cooling Healthy Seat Cushion (Simple Type)
  • Auto Cooling Healthy Seat Cushion (Simple Type)
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Saying good-bye to a shares hot ! Bring a cool fishes!

Thank you for purchasing our compang's high-tech products--- automobile air-condition health care seat cushion. Please read this instructions carefully before use it and using the product correctly. Then please keep this instructions well in order to read it repeatedly later.

Automobile air-condition health care seat cushion package:

colorful packing box of air-condition seat cushion. seat cushion ontology, switch controller, USB car power, USB power cord, product's using instructions (this paper)

The product principle of automotive air-condition health care seat cushion :

By using the low power consumption air-condition adjust cooling fan which is installing at the lower part of the automotive air-condition health care seat cushion to sucking in a large amount of fresh cool wind air of the internal cushion of automotive air-condition health care seat cushion, let the heat which is produce by human body and seat cushion input external environment through air conduction. Special cushion bracket not only can guarantee the cushion flexibility but also can bear the weight of 120 KG, thus it also can ensure the air circulation of the air-condition seat cushion even if you sit on the seat cushion for a long time. The body will not feel hot and uncomfortable because the body temperature and sweat; The product of ultra-low power consumption, energy conservation, environmental protection, easy installation and simple operation; Thus let the occupants feel very comfortable, To prevent every disease because of long-term driving , keeping health! To ensure driving safety.

The installation of this product:

Please put this automotive air-condition health care seat cushion product according to the conventional method to placing fixed to the car seat. Then put the cushion with subsidiary band and buckle buckle fixed on the seat back and the following of the pillow and seat cushion. Finally, connecting the related wire and the switch controller, and connected with the accessory car charger. Confirm the connection is correct, put the other end of the car charger insert the cigarette lighter, To open the car key switch, you can enjoy the seat cushion with cool wind to bring you coolness. Make you driving safely and comfortably.

This product's installation please refer to the ontology base of fan's 2 clips in the reference picture. Put the 2 clips into the fixed 2 ring. Please open the outside zipper of the cushion before aparting and cleaning, to find 2 clips of the fan base, use your fingers to press and use the other hand to pull out the base that can be aparting the fan.


•To avoidingh failure of the fan, please do not use fingers and sticks or other related things into the fan.

•Please pay attention to control the automotive temperature when use the cooling seat cushion. The product's controller has strong file, middle file and weak file, please adapting it according to your body's fitness. that can avoid the harm to body cause by too cool cushion.

•Please don't trample with strong power on the cushion since the cushion is soft , Or it may cause the fracture inside the cushion then effect the function of ventilation.

•Please don't cut the cloth outside cushion with hard thing or due to smoking burnting a hole in the cloth will lead to the effect of cooling cushion is not goog.

•Please do not block the air inlet of the fan, so as to avoid the badventilation.

•Because the difference of car lines's design type, special remind you when your total vehicle power key switch closed, check the fan of the seat cushion whether is still continues running, If running, please confirm the car charge pulled out from the cigarette lighter socket, in order to protect your car power-battery.

Warranty time: electrical parts within 12 months from the date of purchase

Product specifications:

Body size: width: 45cm; length: 120cm

Weight: 0.80KG

Power consumption: 5V 1.5W or 12V

Electricity source, vehicle-mounted 5V or 12V